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Chuck them in your drill
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Anyone who has ever put together IKEA furniture is familiar with the funky deformed allen wrenches and other odd little tools that are packed with their customer assembled products. Some of these tools work fine if you are just putting together one item once in a while. But if you are like me and have to put together a lot of units at one time for say, the office, it gets tiring. Also you end up keeping a drawer full of these stupid things, thinking you might need them in the future if you suddenly decide to disassemble your Vlarkke entertainment center.

IKEA Bits set has all the wierd little proprietary tools you need to put together their entire catalog of furniture and they're in a chuckable format for your multi-speed drill. Power through those six Toorg shelving units and four Iglim tables with ease and clear out your junk drawers of those silly freebie tools. Keep the set with your other drill bits and drivers.

wombat, Oct 27 2003

The Multicoloured SwapShop http://www.bbc.co.u...s/1976/tvclip.shtml
Realplayer Link - I still think Cozy Powell did the drums! [gnomethang, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       If you have a set of metric-sized "allen screw" sockets, you will be able to assemble all of the "Markor" and "Enetri" shelving to your heart's content!
muzer, Oct 27 2003

       Or they could just conform to the tools used by the rest of the world. :P
Detly, Oct 27 2003

lintkeeper2, Oct 27 2003

       Fartful, the name of a children's desk, means 'speedy' in Swedish. Or so it is said. I think it means "breakfast cereal", at least in the case of the lactose intolerant no-meatballs-for-breakfast crowd.
thumbwax, Oct 27 2003

       Croissant for introducing me to Vlarkke & Toorg.
phoenix, Oct 27 2003

       We had a Kvadrat kitchen in our last house. I can imagine an English furniture shop in Sweden - "Ah, look at the Wanker Sofa, and that Knobend Coffee table! Ooh, the Tosser Floor Lamp - that's nice."
hippo, Oct 28 2003

       <trying to laugh silently into a napkin while reading [hippo]'s anno so as not to attract attention.>
k_sra, Oct 28 2003

       //IKEA uses a fairly standard hex bit// I can't remember the size of the bit either, but it is a standard bit. I used an electric screwdriver to put up an IKEA shelving unit last year with no problems.
st3f, Oct 28 2003

       Thanks to all for annotations on the hex bits and not MDF'ing. This wouldn't prevent this from being "marketable" as a bespoke tool set would it? The TUUL set.
wombat, Oct 28 2003

       Ikea, the Norse God of stress.
alligator_al, Oct 28 2003

       //...and leftover pieces.//
Thanks for the reminder Steve, we put up (count them) TWO drawer and cupboard arrangements in our office last year. We only have 3 drawers per units (I make that 6 draw fronts required no?).
We still have an extra 7 drawer fronts (Only!) sitting in the office waiting to be picked up.
How about extending this idea to having a 'Multi coloured SwapShop' (see link) stylee website for trading in leftover IKEA items?. You could *probably* furnish all the offices in Reading
gnomethang, Oct 28 2003

       the NOT uplighter caused some confusion on our last visit.   

       thanks hippo, for the obligatory coffee all over the keyboard moment.
po, Oct 28 2003


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