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New Torx on an old Idea

Install a standard Torx fitting on Wall Warts
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Great way to combine the Wall Wart, something that is already in every room and storage bin in the house, with driving fasteners, a function that could take place anywhere. Wall Warts are strong enough to take the occasional twist without harm, with respect to use of the Wall Wart's existing twin-bladed slot screwdriver, a task that causes no damage.

Practicality aside, if the hybrid driver/transformer were more useful some would be spared use as a hammer. That is likely to ruin the Wall Wart.

reensure, Mar 27 2011

Torx http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torx
[reensure, Mar 27 2011]

BS 1363 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BS_1363
[pocmloc, Mar 27 2011]


       Next, a Torx driver dildo.
ldischler, Mar 27 2011

       I presume you are referring to modifying the cross section of the ends of the three connecting pins? Unfortunately, this would be illegal and would interfere with the socket’s shutters and other safety features.
pocmloc, Mar 27 2011

       I believe he's referring to the North American 110V standard: thinner blades.   

       Of course the proper thing to do would be to make a plug/socket standard that incorporated *all* the standard screwhead types.
FlyingToaster, Mar 27 2011

       I'm not surprised everyone seems to have missed this ... usual for an idea that strikes me while I'm driving. Thanks, and a tip of the hat to ldischler. lol   

       Fundamentally, the idea is to put a socket in a wall wart so that I can pop on a connector to the device for which it serves as a power source. I have Torx bits in the 100s, they come with every box of screws I buy. Despite they are configured in dozens of styles at the business end, they all pretty well fit the same driver.   

       If common household items had the sockets, I'd store the Torx to that item on its corresponding wall wart, or if my dildo I'd store the Torx to my handcuffs, or on my eyeglasses ... I don't know, I'd McGuyver something.
reensure, Mar 27 2011

       Well that was all but undecipherable from a Canucklehead point of view... and I had to go over it three times to read Wall Wart as other than 'Wall Mart', which as everyone knows has stuff for every room and storage bin in the house so it was almost making sense there for a second but then ... then it was gone.   

       Okay, I'm going to take a stab here and see if I can figure out what you're actually trying to say.   

       First off, I think you're actually talking about hex bits, not Torx bits. Hex bits are all uniform on one end (specifically, a hexagon) to fit into a bit driver, and have a driving end of some sort (Phillips head, flat head, Robertson, Torx, etc.) on the other. Torx bits do not come in "dozens of styles". They come in exactly one style (well, two if you count Security Torx), and several different sizes.   

       I think what you're talking about here is to have each household item have a hex socket, so you can store the bit to disassemble that item on the item itself. Further, you're suggesting having that socket be in the power adapter for the item, so that you can simply use the adapter itself as a handle for the bit instead of having to find a bit driver.   

       So, given that.... Most of the time, you'd need a proper screwdriver anyway, and in the event that you just decided to take something apart impromptu, you're more likely to end up losing a part or otherwise stuffing things up even worse than if you'd carefully repaired the item on a table or workbench with proper tools. [-]
ytk, Mar 27 2011

       yeah, that's right ytk. Plus, thanks for your clarifications; better definitions are always welcome. You better believe I had to look up "slot head" to be exact when naming that particular fastener. My language has fallen on hard times.   

       I have no shortage of components in need of attention. To the point where it occurs to me that anything worth assembling with a washer should be assembled with two half-thickness washer, one to be eventually lost be me. I'm sure I'm in a lonely place, because I think not many people stumble upon loose screws in the magic kingdom ... I'm far from there.
reensure, Mar 28 2011


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