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IMG in Links

Images in Links
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When creating a new idea, the baker can add a link to an illustration. The illustration would appear below the idea text. This would be done by adding the IMG and src portion to the link. The "url" would become the src, i.e.

<A href="http://bz.pair.com /fun/keyboard.jpg"><IMG src="http://bz.pair.com /fun/keyboard.jpg" height=234 width=270 border=0></A>

The "name" would become just text under the image.

Add spots to the link page to input the height and width. Neither the height, nor the width should be greater than some reasonable value, say 250 - 300. The image or illustration would appear as a smaller image below the idea text. The "Short Name" would appear below the illustration. Click on the image to link to the full-size image.

This was discussed to some degree (see link) but not exactly as above.

xrayTed, Jan 05 2004

Illustrations http://www.halfbake.../idea/Illustrations
Add illustrations to links [xrayTed, Oct 04 2004]

The Halfbakery Calendar http://moniplex.com...d_calendar/main.php
A while back we put this together to hold people's illustrations (and photos). I'm sure you were around at the time. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       [DrC] I think the xrayTed wants this to be for the links in the hb (hence the category). indeed <a> does this.   

       However I see a few problems with the idea
- it would detract from the simplicity and clean layout that we have all grown to love from the 1/2b. If the pictures are suitably large (and then scaled down) the user is still forced to download the whole image.
- there are always problems with linking to pictures hosted off-site. If the picture is removed/changed the link won't load.
- some people/trolls/ will see it as a lovely opportunity to link to advertising/porn/extremely large images which will detract from the site itself.

       I think that the current method of providing a link to the picture without displaying the picture automatically works well, and gives people with limited bandwidth the ability to choose whether to view the illustration at the time of reading or to open it in a new window for later viewing.
reap, Jan 05 2004

       reap: thought it did, but I hadn't had a chance to check it yet. Likewise, I see no real benefits and some major drawbacks to this as a feature for the HB.
xrayTed: we created a separate space for illustrations - see link.
DrCurry, Jan 05 2004

       The only major drawback I can see is the limited bandwidth issue. Any issue regarding linking itself exists whether you use the IMG link or not. Bad links, large images, porn can exist in both cases.

       I think automatically including illustrations is a definite benefit for bakers whose ideas are sometimes very visual, i.e. bristolz, FarmerJohn. For example, I didn't realize, until very recently, that FJ even did illustrations (I suppose I don't follow links too often).
xrayTed, Jan 05 2004

       I've modified the original text of this idea just as a clarification: I did not intend that annotators would be allowed to post graphics. Only the idea creator would be allowed to. So, what you would see is the regular Idea Name, Tag Line, Idea Text, with a single illustration below.

       Objectionable content, bad links, can still be marked-for-deletion by halfbakery annotators.

       This will probably not make this idea more popular; I just thought I would clarify to ensure we are all on the same page. (pun mostly not intended)
xrayTed, Jan 06 2004


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