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ISP Vouchers

Myster adult viewing
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I'm sure no half-bakers need this service, and i only thought of it for a friend of mine <ahem>. Occasionally one might want to view adult webpages & feels a little sensitive about your ISP tracking this behaviour & knowing who you are. so, the idea is that you can buy ISP vouchers from your local newsagent. much like international calling cards, these will have a id code hidden under a scratch off material. You then simply dial the published tel number in your dialup (remembering to include the code to turn off calling line Id), and use the id on the scratch card as the login id. You then get X mins of access via a ISP who wont know who you are, but tracks your minutes used on their server.
You would also be able to easily change ISP to the best rate, as it would be published on the card and depend upon the provider & the amount of minutes that you buy on the card.
mymus, Mar 28 2002

Anonymizer.com http://www.anonymizer.com
Does this mean I'm aiding and abetting? [waugsqueke, Mar 28 2002]

Slingshot Prepaid Internet Access http://www.slingshot.com/
[waugsqueke, Mar 28 2002]

MaGlobe http://www.maglobe.com/home.htm
[waugsqueke, Mar 28 2002]


       mymus, you'd've revealed less about yourself if you'd said the purpose of these cards was for committing crime rather than anonymous web-wide porn-trawls.
calum, Mar 28 2002

       Calum, my friend tells me he'd like to do some crime stuff too.
mymus, Mar 28 2002

       Fair enough. I'll give you some names. Your friend can look them up the next time he's in Scotland... But remember, keep schtumm, yeah?
calum, Mar 28 2002

       I like this idea for a number of reasons:
1) I doesn't require me to have a permanent ISP account
2) It's portable
3) It's anonymous (unless someone dusts the card for fingerprints)

       I'd like to see this idea taken a step further so that if I have an account with a regional ISP, I can 'trade' access with another regional ISP when I travel. That is, I'd like to see my regional ISP make agreements with other regional ISPs to allow me to use the local network when I'm traveling. The ISPs could trade minutes with each other or pro-rate unbalanced minutes.
phoenix, Mar 28 2002

       Just become your own ISP.
dag, Mar 28 2002

       phoenix, or the card would simply have different regional numbers for you to call, but using the same id code.
mymus, Mar 28 2002

       I hope my ISP hasn't observed me frequenting the half-bakery...
spartanica, Mar 29 2002

       Telstra (Australias Gov. Owned Telco) has Pre-Paid Internet. No Registration required, simply buy a kit, and install the software.
QuadAlpha, Mar 29 2002

       They can still track you by your hardware MAC unless you change computer everytime or get a MAC scambling program running in the background. ISP couldn't care less if you visit porno site. If you are going to commit some serious crime, take your operation to some third world country. By the time they track you there, you be long gone.
bing, Mar 29 2002

       this could of course be a ruse, and i am acting on behalf of the mighty "THEY". & THEY will now be closely monitoring PeterSealy & waugsqueke, as they seem to already know how to try to stay anonymous. BTW does anyone have any ideas for what the acronym THEY stands for?
mymus, Mar 29 2002

       Yes, but THEY won't let me tell you.
calum, Mar 29 2002

       damn, THEY win again....
mymus, Mar 30 2002


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