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Jurisdiction free submarine web server

Jurisdiction free submarine web server
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Telecommunication companies have been laying submarine cables at the bottom of the ocean floors for decades to connect multinational tele-infrastructures. What if we can "smuggle" an electricity cable inside one of these fibre optic cables. And suddenly, we get the best of both worlds in an underwater situation, high speed internet hookup and the power supply required to power up water proof web server. How does any individual operate a web server and turn it into an equivalence of a "portable Sealand" or "portable Uotsuri island"? Well, let's see. Go and find a dog house big enough to house your linux server and a thermostat to control condensation, seal it well. Find a yacht owner willing to take you to international water. Before you lay down your dog house down at the bottom of the ocean to be hooked up, utter the command "sink and stay".
cocobk, Apr 14 2004

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       I thought you were gonna talk about how you wouldn't be subjected to any particular countries' law because the server would be in international water.   

       Ho hum.
britboy, Apr 14 2004

       Price of one i386 based subsea PC running MS-DOS (as of October 2002) ~ $15,000.   

       Cost of installing or repairing said subsea PC ~ $400,000/day (or part thereof).   

       Probability of anyone being able to afford an effective subsea web server ~ 0.
suctionpad, Apr 15 2004

       Having the only deep-sea webcam ~ priceless.
Worldgineer, Apr 15 2004

       Why smuggle electricity? Power the server with a small nuclear energy system. The ocean provides all the cooling you could need.   

       You'd need a new top level domain for this server. Since you're underwater, how about .wet ?
BigBrother, Apr 15 2004

       If you seal the linux server in a doghouse underwater, how is the penguin going to breathe?   

       On a serious note, sealing a box against the kind of pressure that you would see at the bottom of the ocean would be very hard. Instead, fill the interior of the dog house with a dielectric liquid. Then there would be no problem with the pressure, the dog house would only need to be liquid tight, which you could do with a giant Ziploc bag.
GenYus, Apr 15 2004

       why do you need dielectric fluid. No really, maybe there is a reason, but I'm not familiar with it. I'd go the cheap option and fill it with high performance hydraulic fluid.
Custardguts, Jan 15 2007

       Interesting idea... and if you need to replace the hard drive or any other component you'll need deep water scuba gear. Have fun with that!
flynn, Jan 15 2007


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