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Net Neutrality Cafateria style

A choice
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Net neutrality [1] cafeteria solution:

An ISP, like AT&T or a satellite provider that can reach most consumers, can offer a net neutrality style service as an optional subscription package. Those that do or don't want government control [1a] of what you see and how you see it can subscribe to a neutral or a non-neutral service.

If one service has high bandwidth consumption by porn [2], torrents [3],Internet movie and TV providers [4], and similar hogs [5] and is more expensive because it supports lots of traffic, the consumer who does not access such sites will have a lower price choice because high bandwidth sites will be throttled on this service, but low bandwidth sites are not.

Sunstone, Jun 08 2017

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       This misses the point and defeats its own purpose.
notexactly, Jun 10 2017


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