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ok a not that secret half bakery handshake

To find other bakers
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This has a myriad of uses, going for a new job? if the guy interviewing you is a half baker then your a shoe in. In some forgein land with no accomodation shake the hand of another half baker and you may have found yourself somwhere to sleep for the night. It would also be a descreet way of finding out if sombody you may have susspected is a half baker for awhile is.
Gulherme, Oct 03 2002



       It's so secret that no one actually knows it.
waugsqueke, Oct 03 2002

       you don't think I am going to tell you about mine, do you?
po, Oct 03 2002

       everyones a comedian, is that title a bit better?
Gulherme, Oct 03 2002

       Oh, is that the handshake where the right hands undulate towards each other like two horny porcupine fish, and after kneading each other's scalps, you both shrug your shoulders with palms up?
FarmerJohn, Oct 03 2002

st3f, Oct 03 2002

       Mad, you're all mad, I tell you. I would make some kind of gesture, but then that would give the game away.
PeterSilly, Oct 03 2002

       <still trying to get stains out>I certainly beats relying on exploding custard filled underwear</still trying to get stains out>
Zircon, Oct 03 2002

       Zircon, could you rephrase that?
Farmer, you're half right on the secret handshake - sure, //hands undulate towards each other like two horny porcupine fish, and after kneading each other's scalps, you both shrug your shoulders with palms up// - but it's the left, not the right hands, *and* there's the matter of first scratching your chin with your right hand having been inserted under the upper garment - (important: yours) then protruding from the top and executing the back-of-hand-on-chin finger wiggle while flapping left hand with left thumb in ear (all of this prior to the horny porcupine fish move) - Only fair to point out that I, too neglected to mention dancing the jig
thumbwax, Oct 03 2002

       Where do you find details on this secret handshake. If its as thumbwax describes then if you are infact going for a job and you proceed with the said handshake and the interviewer is unaware of the existance of the halfbakery then I doubt you will be getting the job, I was thinking of somthing a little more subtle like shaking hands while pressing your middle finger into the others wrist then clicking your fingers as you take your hand away.
Gulherme, Oct 03 2002

       keep it simple like [thumbwax] says
po, Oct 03 2002

       There could be an idea in that RT a pizza/laundry, you could sit and have a pizza, actually it would be better as a coffee shop while your washing goes through its cycle.
Gulherme, Oct 03 2002

       Nice I like it alot, I give that a croissant even though I can't really, perfect for a backpacker.
Gulherme, Oct 03 2002

       Like the stonecutters.
NickTheGreat, Oct 03 2002

       Who controls the British crown?
Who keeps the metric system down?
We do! We do!
Whow leaves Atlantis off the maps?
Whot keeps the Martians under wraps?
We do! We do!
Who holds back the electric car?
Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?
We do! We do!
Who robs the cave fish of their sight?
Who rigs every Oscar night?
We do! We do!
XSarenkaX, Oct 03 2002

       Are you in the right idea, sweetie?
The Kat, Oct 03 2002

       //if the guy interviewing you is a half baker then your a shoe in.//   

       Not with spelling like that.
Also, if the interviewer recognises you as a fellow 'baker then he/she will realise that your productivity may be severely compromised by your addiction.
madradish, Oct 04 2002

       That's what I was thinking, too, [madradish].   

       [The Kat] - yep, those are lyrics to the Stonecutter's Song. I thought posting those would identify other Simpsons fans, much like the handshake concept.
XSarenkaX, Oct 04 2002

       If you want it done fast, just do it half-assed, because that's the American way. </simpsons sing along>
Mr Burns, Oct 04 2002

       You can sing this while performing the secret handshake:
Everywhere we go-O
People want to knO-ow
Who we A-are
So we tell them
Who are
Who are
Who are we?
We are, we are, we are...
thumbwax, Oct 04 2002

       Almost weekly I am shocked and alarmed by the constantly growing Simpsons infestation taking over the bakery. Something must be done before it is too late.
waugsqueke, Oct 04 2002

       What do you suggest? A no-homers club?
yamahito, Oct 05 2002

       Ah but [Waugs], no one shakes like Homer. Mmm.
bristolz, Oct 05 2002

       Come on, *you* don't know the secret HB handshake? Newbie.
BinaryCookies, Oct 06 2002

       Come now, there must be some way to actually accomplish this. Say, a casual, half-closed left fist pressed gently against the left temple during a standard handshake? I want something that is at least half-sensible. Or perhaps just forming the thumb and fingers of the left hand into a gentle, palm-inward crescent by arching the fingers slightly and bunching them up, with the thumb in the middle. Help me out here.
absterge, Nov 08 2002

       Just remember to wash your hands afterwards.
DrCurry, Nov 08 2002

       I suggest L-dopamine to combat this problem.
bristolz, Nov 08 2002


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