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halfbakers united
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It appears that halfbakers have a symbiotic relationship with each other - cannot live with each other and cannot live without one another. Some halfbakers leave and they are replaced by new blood. We are developing into a huge mega organism capable of eating ideas and spitting them out. We work hard and play hard. Possibly even spawning little halfbakers? Today the halfbakery - tomorrow world domination (if Jutta says we can).
po, Nov 10 2001


       Um ... «cannot live with each other» does not make a symbiotic relationship.   

       «tomorrow world domination»: Tomorrow? Don't know about you, but my plans for world domination are beginning this afternoon.
cp, Nov 10 2001

       At first glance I thought this had something to do with spawning (as po puts it),.... then again, maybe not. :)
pathetic, Nov 11 2001

       I think 'codependent' might be closer than 'symbiotic.' Rods is right, of course, and also astute in noting that some go through the cycle much faster than others. Where are the Mickey-the-Fish of yesteryore? Alas! Or as our Scottish brethren would say, Alassie!
Dog Ed, Nov 11 2001

       <growls and swats Rods for putting That Song in his head...>   

       Isn't this what Thing1 was wanting to do so long ago?
StarChaser, Nov 11 2001

       How exactly would we go about spawning little new halfbakers? My curiosity overcomes feelings of dread.   

       (12 Nov: changed "be" to "we", rectifying typo/thinko.)
pottedstu, Nov 11 2001, last modified Nov 12 2001

       pathetic .............. and another reason why I am careful with my spelling........
po, Nov 11 2001

       So this isn't about a megaorgasm?
thumbwax, Nov 13 2001

       <after searching for StarChaser's reference> Thing1 wanted to merge ideas rather than contributors. nick_n_uit's 'Halfbakery Community' research project touched slightly on Rod's proposition. I would add another stage in there Rods, right after the accepted & assimilated bit - 'Wants to change some aspect of 1/2bakery and is shocked to be brutally rejected'.
DrBob, Nov 14 2001

       Like StarChaser, I am also now suffering from Eagles singing in my head. Rods, you are truly a git for inflicting this torture on the HB masses. Pathetic: you should be shot for inserting a smiley.
sven3012, Nov 14 2001

       has 1% deleted himself /herself and become 0%?
po, Nov 14 2001

       DrBob, Thing1 kept annotating ideas saying that the .5Bakery could become a living organism.   

       I haven't read them in a while, but what was originally described reminded me of that...
StarChaser, Nov 16 2001

       I was thinking along those lines - but I do waffle on occasionally
po, Nov 16 2001

       <rummage> Hmm! yes I see. Self-aware database and all that. Point taken.
DrBob, Nov 16 2001

       I should have done the rummaging for you, but I'm glad you found it anyway...
StarChaser, Nov 17 2001


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