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Idea Challenge

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Sometimes I wonder if there was a way to direct the creative energy of all the halfbakers toward a noble (or evil) goal. For example ... I'm just randomly wondering about this: ... there are going to be thousands of useless 15 - 17" CRT monitors that no one will want (other than metal recyclers) ... what would a halfbaker do with 1000 of such monitors?
For this I'd like to see a challenge link in halfbakery where anyone can post a challenge for halfbakers from all around the world to come up with the most creative idea within a certain time limit (4 weeks) the competition would be won by an idea with the most net croisants. ... the prize? ... Prestige, fame and eventually a chance for world domination.
ixnaum, Oct 25 2005

Nothing like a bit of shameless publicity... HB_20Challenge_20Board
HB Challenge Board [Jinbish, Oct 25 2005]

Wall Of Speakers Wall_20Of_20Speakers
What to do with all those CRTs? Why incorporate them into your wall of speakers of course. [zen_tom, Oct 26 2005]

Helping mankind via AOL CD's by the unfortunately MIA krelnik AOL_20CDs_20for_20t...Good_20of_20Mankind
OK this may not have been this summer. [hidden truths, Oct 26 2005]

CD Solar Collector by Worldgineer Massive_20AOL_20CD_...20Collector_20Array
Again not actually this summer. [hidden truths, Oct 26 2005]

Armouring Cows by UnaBubba Cow_20Armour
Result! Made this July. OK it's possible that this one idea was posted this summer. [hidden truths, Oct 26 2005]

po's rubiks cube Tv rubik_20cube_20tv_2e
[Dub, Oct 26 2005]

Don't forget the MaSCAra (of Doom!) Massive_20Solar_20C...rray_20(of_20Doom!)
for [db], in case you'd like to do something useful with them, like take over the world [Worldgineer, Oct 26 2005]

http://www.whynot.net/ I think if you have an account there, you can pose problems for other people to solve. [jutta, Oct 27 2005]

Macquarium http://www.applefritter.com/image/tid/114
Because some people have too many hand tools. [shapu, Oct 28 2005]

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       Stuff like this turns up all the time. In the summer, we ended up with a fair few ideas for uses of AOL CDs.
hidden truths, Oct 25 2005

       Please link, [hidden_truths]. I have a big pile of them (AOL CDs) that I don't know what to do with.
dbmag9, Oct 26 2005

       I started to make a decorative mobile with them - I hit a snag, cannot recall the details.
po, Oct 26 2005

       make lots of po's rubik cube TVs?
Dub, Oct 26 2005

       Max Headroom video-displays at supermarkets.
RayfordSteele, Oct 26 2005

       I don't much care for these "contests" or their outcomes. I love ideas that come from materials and real work; I don't like it when people sit down and try very hard to be creative. Your mileage may vary.
jutta, Oct 27 2005

       in the companies I work for they are getting LCD monitors for all the new computers. The 'old' 17" monitors are going to the dump ... yes I know that someone will want to buy them but I see these being sold for $10 each and that's going lower and lower. Yes yes and yes ... someone will GLADLY take them (including myself) That's not my point ... I'm curious what's a halfbaked way to use these obsolete and generally unwanted monitors.
ixnaum, Oct 27 2005

       Lighting fixtures.
bristolz, Oct 27 2005

       Rebuild The Colossus of Rhodes.
zen_tom, Oct 27 2005

       Thank you, [Worldgineer], that was very kind of you. Also thank you [hidden_truths].   

       I shall start trying to understand the question this very moment, [longshot9999]. Maybe in a few years i will be able to start wondering about the answer. And then what fun I shall have.   

       I like the idea of having the power of the halfbakery directed towards a goal. But it should be [jutta]'s goal, as she set up this wonderful world.
dbmag9, Oct 28 2005

       Use for monitors: Aquariums.   

       See link.
shapu, Oct 28 2005

       Used and unwanted CRT's make good video walls for concerts and fasion shows. Simply place 9, 12 or 15 or more monitors in a stacked pattern showing identical images or have the image split up so that every monitor shows a different part of the image.   

       I have also seen people use a CRT monitor with magnifying lenses to make a cheap projector.   

       Because of the smoothness and clarity of a CRT monitor, I doubt that it will ever be permanently replaced with the plasma or LCD flat panel displays.
Jscotty, Oct 28 2005

       last time a group of smart Alecs sat together to come up with something noble we got the Atomic Bomb - thanks guys.
xenzag, Oct 31 2005


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