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lawmaker's version control

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This is a system where every changes or additions or deletion will need to be accessible like github.

This is so that you can look up any current laws, and see the timeline of changes to the law, and most importantly "Who sneaked in that line."

It also must be easy to link to that particular commit, so that people can refer to that line in online discussions.


Also you are able to view repositories from parties or individual politicians, to see what drafts is being written.

This would help with reducing lobbying hopefully, by making every individual changes trackable to the offending politicians.


What this also allows for perhaps. Is fine grained voting system. Where you can vote your acceptance of individual commits.

(So a voting session, will involve "do we commit this change to the central draft law"?)

What this avoids, is adding unrelated laws to popular/unpopular drafts laws, to sneakily slip it through.

mofosyne, Jan 27 2015


       [++] A branching version control system seems like a natural fit for writing and revising laws. Using this to make the lawmaking process more transparent is a [+] as well.   

       One would need to use some discretion when analyzing who made certain changes. For example, a politician may make a change that includes a proposed compromise or trade that includes a policy that he doesn't really agree with, and it would be wrong for someone to then claim that he supports that policy. Of course the nice thing is that when submitting the change, the politician can put in both sides of a compromise simultaneously along with a disclaimer in the submit comment so anyone and easily look up the original submission to counter such statements.   

       I guess the bad part of this is that most people don't understand version control. On the flip side, maybe it would teach people version control so we wouldn't have to teach as many when we hire them...
scad mientist, Jan 27 2015

       A good 'version control also includes notes taking for every changes committed.   

       So there is no excuse for politicians who places policies they don't like in, they will need to put in their committing message if they are to be taken seriously. Hopefully with a reasoned argument on why they decide to concede to the opposition. E.g. better opportunities in another lasw article, by getting compromise deals from the other side
mofosyne, Jan 28 2015

       Keep reading this as lawnmaker....
xenzag, Jan 28 2015

       [xen] I did as well - I was hoping for a landscape gardening 'Undo' feature.
hippo, Jan 28 2015

       Laws and sausages.
Voice, Jan 28 2015

       [hippo] Lay down the lawn. The lawn of the land. The lawns of physics. There are many many more.....
xenzag, Jan 28 2015

       I fought the lawn, but the lawn won.
hippo, Jan 28 2015

       // lawnmaker //   

       Presumably that's why a confidential informant is called a "grass" …
8th of 7, Jan 28 2015

       A famous horror movie actor named after a field of grass?
xenzag, Jan 28 2015

       9 across..... young person meets decadent city of grass?
xenzag, Jan 28 2015

       // would you be prosecuted to the full extent of the lawn ? //   

       Yes, but if you were lucky you might get your sentence cut ...
8th of 7, Jan 28 2015

       Online Wiki-Legislation. Enough with Congress. On to Progress.
RayfordSteele, Jan 28 2015


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