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Job preferences and examination (like University preferences after a highschool exam)

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In Australia, we have a system where final year students of highschool undergo an exam. Based on your score and your university preference, you get an offer form the university.

Is it possible to have a system where the goverment creates a examination system that is shared by businesses of all shape and sizes?

The idea is that candidates would first undergo a general examination, and submit their resume, profile and other informations. From then, the candidates then specify a "general preference" of industry areas they are willing to work for.

Businesses within the industry category will then receive an anonymised exam score results, resume, and profile (And other infos).

The candidates will then receive of businesses that are willing for interview (or rounds of more specific private examination).

After the extra examination process from each company, each company will then send their "preference" list of candidates they like best.

The candidate will then submit their "preference" list of companies that expressed interest in them.

All these preferences is then matched together.

On judgement day. Every candidates will then receive a single letter specifying what job they got, and if they choose to accept it. If they accept it, it is then recorded into the governmental database, and the candidate can then start working for the business.

Those who do not get matched to any jobs, is then automatically placed into welfare for the duration till the next examination round (and as thanks for participating. Because seriously, it takes effort to do these examination, especially interviews).

mofosyne, May 21 2016

https://en.wikipedi...mperial_examination [mofosyne, May 25 2016]


       If they don't get assigned jobs, why can't they do their own job-seeking? Personally, I want the job of "mad scientist", but there are not many employers offering that position. Therefore I have had to do other jobs, while doing mad- science stuff independently of any employers....
Vernon, May 21 2016

       Nothing is stopping you from seeking job on your own, but it would be quite tough. Unless you are looking for informal jobs.
mofosyne, May 21 2016

       This seems a bit dystopian to me.
Madcat, May 22 2016

       As a sometime employer of young people, I'd very much not like this system, and I think it would be worse for the kids than the employers.   

       One thing that could go a ways to helping would be to diversify the output of the OP scoring system. Have their score shown in several fields or categories I mean. One person with an OP of say 5 is very different from another - and honestly grades from their subjects are also only so useful. As much as I hate it, Meyers-Briggs style scores would also be useful, otherwise we have to put the little tots through those tests ourselves - and so would all the other potential employers.
Custardguts, May 23 2016

       Custardguts, May 22 2016   

       I like the idea of the common scoring system having multiple score categories like the Myers-Briggs test. It would make the first stage selection more specialised than a single score.   

       Plus if younger people are worse off than senior workers, should we make it easier for younger workers at the expense of merit?   

       The idea behind this idea is that the job market is essentially very similar to dating. And that people often settle for less optimal choice due to the cost of searching and applying to jobs in an ad hoc way.   

       If the common exam is not implemented, at the very least I would like to see a preference system for jobs.   


       Madcat, May 22 2016   

       I would not be surprised if this is used in a cyberpunk dystopia where everyone is forced to apply for megacorps examinations as a potential employee or risk starvation.   

       Maybe that's how it works in the new parkour videogame "Mirror's Edge Catalyst"
mofosyne, May 25 2016


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