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Imported McDonalds

the Big Mac VS le Big Mac
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Tired of ordering Big Mac's abroad and finding that they've regionalized the taste of your main staple? Prefer the difference? You need a McDonalds X set up in country Y and vice versa. For a small premium of course...
ArtVandelay, Sep 25 2001


       Thank you PS.   

       A friend came back from a world tour and this was one of the first things he commented on upon his return, nothing of famous museums, different religions, poverty etc... just the difference in a Canadian Big Mac vs one assembled in Hong Kong.
ArtVandelay, Sep 25 2001

       Besides Georgia, there are infinite places one can get fried chicken.
thumbwax, Sep 25 2001

       The first time I had a McDonalds in America I was violently sick so an English McDonalds would be welcome if I was desperate. However in America the homegrown cuisine can be so broad. How could people pass on such delicacies as Twinkies, Peanut Better and Jelly Sandwiches, Tex-Mex and Dunk'n Donuts?
Aristotle, Sep 25 2001

       Obligatory <stop eating McDonalds> post.
snarfyguy, Sep 25 2001

       PeterSealy: Come to Edinburgh, Scotland, we have 2 pie shops, called PieMaker, that sell freshly baked pies to eat in or take away. I think they come with savoury or sweet fillings.
pottedstu, Sep 25 2001

       mmmm.... Harvey's.
mighty_cheese, Sep 26 2001

       Restaurant relativity. For any particular McDonalds the rest of the McDonalds in the Universe may be defined in terms of that particular one. Therefore any Big Mac imported into one frame of reference is exported from another and vice versa. Thus we cannot define a Universal Big Mac, for every Big Mac is relative. Furthermore, their mass increases with motion, especially if one is a passenger in a car on a winding road, up to a limiting bound U at which point they become infinitely regurgitatable.
Dog Ed, Sep 26 2001

       Which explains why people just keep going back for more. A friend of mine once said, "I eat McDonalds once every six months to remind me how shit it is."
sdm, Sep 26 2001

       Aristo, lay off the Dunk'n Donuts. I went there with my dad every Saturday morning after swimming between 1981 and 1983 when we lived in Detroit. I have cherished memories of really thick hot chocolate and sugar-coated donuts. 'Donut' remains to this day the only American spelling up with which I shall put.
lewisgirl, Sep 26 2001

       If you like the foreign version of McDonalds, imagine how much you might like real food from that country.
beauxeault, Sep 26 2001

       Damn good idea. You get my croissant. Now if I could only get my FRIED apple pies from my local McDonald's...sigh. They still make 'em that way in Communist China...perhaps to get their population down, yes, but what a way to go...
Guncrazy, Sep 26 2001

       po: I think you will find that "quarter-pounder with cheese" is called a cheese-burger in England.   

       lewisgirl: I recognise Dunk'n Donuts as important part of American culture, prehaps as fundemental to us as the Spud-U-Like chain.
Aristotle, Sep 27 2001

       The title of this set me thinking - if MacDonalds are imported someone elsewhere must be exporting them. Then I had my brainwave 'Can we please export some of ours?'. Before you ask, no, no other versions need be imported to replace them. If we have to take something back, maybe from somewhere with the metric system?
snagger, Sep 27 2001

       F going abroad.   

       SoCal's got In-and-Out. Consequently, there's no reason to leave.
iuvare, Sep 27 2001

       I been all over the world (mexico, canada, hawaii, hong kong, sihgapore, thailand, abu dobi, jabel ali, bali, and australia). And i have had MCDonalds in almost everyone of those countries. I tel you I would have rather had an American Big Mac than a sinngapore imitation (large mac). So, yeah, I'm down with import Mickey Dee's
chupacabra, Jan 26 2002

       Give me White Castles over McDonalds any day.
phoenix, Jan 26 2002

       When I mistakenly went to Japan, I ate a huge amount of McDonald's. The main reason being that my Japanese was limited to pointing at a laminated picture of a cheese burger, holding up four fingers and looking helpless. The secondary reason being that I don't much like Japanese food... Anyway the only difference between UK McDonald's and Japanese McDonald's is that Japanese McDonalds have clean toilets. The food is identical: shit.
calum, Mar 31 2002

       how can you mistakenly go to Japan? did you get on the wrong bus?
po, Mar 31 2002

       Whenever someone mentions SoCal I think that they're refering to the hotrod tuning/making shop that originated from the same geographical area being talked about
kaz, Mar 31 2002


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