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The fast food that you THINK you're stealing.
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Enter Kleptoburger: it's dusty, perhaps it's an old Victorian mansion, perhaps it's a half-burned-down youth hostel, or perhaps it looks just like a normal fast-food restaurant. You look around in hunger. In the case of the Victorian mansion, there's nothing but gray old furniture. You're looking for something to pilfer, you worthless thief;--but there's nothing worth grabbing. But wait! Sitting pleasantly on a yellow plate is a piping hot hamburger with all the trimmings; a mound of sizzling-hot fries; and a cheerful, sugary cola. You look around. There is no one to prevent you from running with the goods,--or partaking sur-le-champ. You do so, congratulating yourself on "getting away with it." Little do you suspect that your credit card has been scanned on your way out the creaky door. No card? No problem. A man in a trenchcoat duns you mercilessly chez tois for $10.95.

The food? Pas mal.

Vance, Feb 06 2001


       Can this be done with current Science?
Uncle Nutsy, Feb 06 2001

       I think it can only be done with PasMal technology.
pnewp, Feb 06 2001

       Indeed it can be done with current Science, but I did not state this explicitly, since it is an obvious Truth. As for PasMal science, that would be "not bad" science, and I do indeed think that such a level of Science would be appropriate for this product. Good comment, Newpie.
Vance, Feb 06 2001

       Good for you: you're not a thief.   

       Please eat at Honest Burger.
Vance, Feb 13 2001

       But...is this for one customer at a time, or will the place be full of people secretly 'trousering' burgers? Because if it's a success, there'll be a big queue outside, and that can't be good for business, can it?
littlechef, May 25 2001

       What made you even think of this?
sd4fan, Dec 09 2002


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