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Curry Burger Bar

Curry on the move
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Periodically, the big burger chains (in the UK) sell indian style speciality burgers. This actually means that there is something worth eating there for a while. Unfortunately these are time limited offers so after 2 weeks we're back to blando-offal burgers. What I propose is either a separate chain or a subsidiary of a larger chain selling delicious curry burgers all the time.
dare99, Mar 18 2002

Curry vendor http://www.halfbake...idea/Curry_20vendor
[arora, Mar 18 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Curry Farm http://www.iisr.org...ces/curryleaves.htm
Attempting answers to all your burning spice questions. [reensure, Mar 18 2002]


       Or how about a way to have snack Indian food which is cheaper and avoids the need to set foot in burger bar in the first place... buy a pakora, a samosa or a bhaji and sandwich it between two mini naan, or bits of a normal naan. These have the advantage of being available in many small supermarkets and sandwich bars, they are ok to eat cold, and they are self-sufficient (carbo+protein+vegetable+fat (almost all your major food groups, all you need now is a beer and a cigarette and I'm sure you'll be happy)). Chips with dahl dip though... mmm.
sappho, Mar 18 2002

       Only this weekend I saw a new fast food place in our local town (UK) called "Curry in a Hurry". I was only driving past so I didn't sample the place, but it looked remarkably like a Burger Bar - not sure if there was a drive through, but it fits the idea, sorry.
arora, Mar 18 2002

       Around here it's either feast or phantom. I can't make myself believe you'd sell enough to cover your rent.
reensure, Mar 18 2002

       I think it's a great idea, sure to sell millions, I just feel sorry that someone else came up with the idea "Curry in a Hurry" It looked like a very large outlet and was also extremely busy. Buy shares instead?
arora, Mar 18 2002

       On one hand, I love the idea--Curry burgers all the time sound good. On the other hand, this idea is totally derivative--saying that there should be a minor variation on a certain kind of restaurant is hardly inventing something, just refining it.
spaceman_spiff, Mar 20 2002

       Still an idea though, so valid.
dare99, Mar 20 2002

       There's a "Hurry Curry of Tokyo" at Sawtelle and Olympic (Little Tokyo) in L.A.
Vivisimo Search for "Hurry Curry" doesn't return a result for "H... C... " all by it's lonesome in US - there is one in Rose Bay, Australia. It'd go over big in Chicago what with Harry Carey ...(R.I.P.)
24 hrs. later - Hurry Curry of Tokyo in L.A. even got mentioned in current issue of Rolling Stone.
Yeah, we're hipsters
thumbwax, Mar 21 2002


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