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Electromagnetic Wall Ironing

Ironing on the wall
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Ironing can be a problem in apartments with limited space, where even storing and assembling the board can be difficult.

Electromagnetic Wall Ironing solves these problems.
It's a two part mechanism.
The first part is the board which is permanently attached to a convenient wall, in a vertical format. Its metal plate is protected by the usual padded cover, that comes in a variety of colours and patterns to match you existing decor. Along the top edge of the board are a line of adjustable bulldog clips to hold your clothes in position.
The second part is the iron, which contains an adjustable electromagnet.

To iron your clothes you now only need to clip them in position, hold your iron against the board and switch on its electromagnet. This causes it to clamp unto the board, with your wrinkled laundry sandwiched in between. You can now begin to effortlessly iron away, increasing or decreasing the pressure at will by turning up and down the electromagnet control.

You can also sing this little song (see link)

xenzag, Jul 28 2008

"Twas on a Monday morning.... http://www.alansim....enghtml/eng030.html
when I beheld my darling...." [xenzag, Jul 28 2008]


       Perhaps micro-perforated surface with a slight vaccuum to hold the clothes against the wall without clipping?
Cedar Park, Jul 28 2008


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