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Intentions Tee

A shirt with alterable wording to indicate mood and desires.
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A lot of time is squandered making ones intentions known in a socially acceptable fashion. I propose a t-shirt that has two or more moods displayed on the front which can easily be altered, be it by a flap mechanism, that covers one statement while revealing another or some other suitable device. Personally I would start with something like "Don't kiss me unless you are going to take me home" which could be replaced by "I'm getting trashed, dont take advantage of me". Perhaps a mix 'n' match system to allow people to customise their phrases to best suit their wily ways.
Farrod, Nov 12 2001


       We had the Etch a Sketch T-shirt (I'm too lazy to search) where I also mentioned a re-writable shirt, so we do have a couple of similar things here.
AfroAssault, Nov 12 2001

       The soul of this idea is the same as "emotion badges" (...and I agree with quarterbaker's 9.28.01 analysis.)
iuvare, Nov 12 2001

       I have a sweatshirt that has a field of velcro on the front, about 3x9 inches, and a set of velcro backed letters and numerals for writing whatever slogan I wish. ALas, I never wear it. It was one of those things that seemed clever at the time of purchase but silly once home.
bristolz, Nov 12 2001

       A reversible t-shirt?   

       I've also seen girls' tops which have slits with zips in various positions (e.g. horizontally or diagonally between the breasts and the neckline) which can be left shut for modesty, or opened to be sexy. (The zips have no practical role in fastening or unfastening the garment.) These arguably already tell your mood, or you could write something on your skin behind them.
pottedstu, Nov 12 2001

       The late Timothy McVeigh was a fan of this method of self-expression. On the day of his errand involving the Ryder truck and the Murrah Building, he wore a t-shirt that read "Sic Semper Tyrannis" on the front, and bore a saying about the "blood of patriots" on the back.   

       Of course, this wasn't McVeigh's favorite form of self-expression. His true medium was fertilizer.
1percent, Nov 12 2001

       << His true medium was fertilizer. >>   

       Like Chris Offili?
pottedstu, Nov 13 2001

       No, [pottedstu], more like ammonium nitrate plus diesel fuel. The Ryder truck mentioned before was full of the stuff and parked near the building mentioned before.   

       Contrast this with a large number of 'artists' whose finished pieces more closely resemble fertilzer than do their respective media.
BigBrother, Nov 13 2001


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