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Invisible Dummies

Mannequins that aren't there
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We start with our patented inflatable store mannequin (well, okay, probably any sex doll will do, but it needs to have a non-stick surface).

We soak the latest fashions in starch, then arrange them naturally on the mannequin. Once they are dry, we deflate the mannequin and remove. We attach a support to the discreet wire hanger left behind in the clothes, and display.

Voilà, clothes "hanging" from an invisible mannequin (see illustration).

DrCurry, Jul 10 2005

Artist's Impression http://www.worth100...his.asp?entry=43589
[DrCurry, Jul 10 2005]


       Focussing on cool picture--trying to not imagine a sex doll with a sticky surface.   

       +, but I haven't seen laundry starch for many years.
baconbrain, Jul 10 2005

       Thank you DrC for one of the best laughs I've had in a long, long time. For some reason this idea got me giggling and I couldn't stop until I laughed out loud. Don't know exactly why, though. I guess so many mental pictures, double entendres, and just plain bad jokes raced through my mind.   

       BTW, am I paranoid or is that invisible dummy over there giving me the finger?
Canuck, Jul 10 2005

       nice idea. haven't shops used headless dummies in the past?
po, Jul 10 2005

       I've seen plenty of store mannequins made of clear acrylic.
angel, Jul 10 2005

       [angel] I think that was the point - you could see them.
fridge duck, Jul 10 2005

       Do you also go by the name of Eurydice, [DrCurry]?
wagster, Jul 10 2005

       I don't see what you are talking about. +
sartep, Jul 10 2005

       Check the link.
wagster, Jul 10 2005

       Transparently fabricated.   

       These are very, very widely used here in the UK to model footwear.
Basepair, Jul 10 2005

       Definate bun for this one (+) mannequins freak me out
gorjabuble, Jul 11 2005

       Can we use this technique in the underwear department to show how to "go commando"?
baconbrain, Jul 11 2005

       Try to sell red shoes in that store. ** I'm melting, melllting. **
reensure, Jul 11 2005

       [fridge duck]: Yes, that was rather my point as well.
angel, Jul 11 2005

       Dr. Curry posts ideas only once in a blue moon. I am happy only once in a blue moon. +
nomadic_wonderer, Jul 14 2005

po, Jul 14 2005

       Brilliant! My wife is a manager for a thrift store, and one of her employees is in charge of assembling sets for mannequins. She just might love this concept.
elhigh, Jul 14 2005

dbmag9, Feb 11 2006

       + Tres cool. I'm imagining a high ceiling with table and chairs suspended, and an ensemble of invisible party guests above. Don't look up.
nth, Feb 12 2006

       might be complicated to arrange soaked fabrics naturally, but the general concept is very nice
loonquawl, Jun 04 2009

       I've seen variations on this where they have curved plastic pieces and rods to simulate a body but you only see the fabric.
Arcanus, Jun 05 2009

       [+] Besides looking cool, it has the advantage of reducing the number of mannequins that a store needs to own.
goldbb, Jun 08 2009

       Tricky this without affecting the fabric sheen in some unwanted way.
RayfordSteele, Aug 12 2009


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