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In the mud

Wheel position indicator
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An instructor employed on an off-roader driving-range told a writer he has to spend a lot of time teaching beginners to visualise which way their front wheels in deep mud, are pointing. Some learners apparently panic-spin the steering wheel into full-lock both ways till one lock "wins" and the wheels start to act like bulldozer blades, building up an impassable wall of mud.

Growing up with power-steering may have something to do with their ineptness, the instructor thought. Also, possibly, some offroad rv power-steering systems are too high-geared.

Searching, I ascertained that airplanes and boats have all sorts of position indicators on their instrument panels, but no off-roader seemed to have any [except a few with satellite location.] Why can't off-roader rvs have, just below the windscreen, an indicator comprising two lines inside a rectangle.

It would, I suppose, work by dead-reckoning - that is, by a micro-computer integrating steering-wheel turns. [Before satellite positioning arrived there were moderately successful in-car "you are here" maps using this form of dead-reckoning.]

rayfo, Nov 08 2000


       Of course. I overlooked parking. I need a "logic position indicator".
rayfo, Nov 08 2000

       It's customary for many off-road racers to use a bit of colored tape at the 12:00 position on the wheel; doesn't completely correct the problem (since most wheels are more than 1 revolution lock-to-lock) but it is a reminder.
justfred, Jun 09 2002

       Could do like the Tucker did and have a third headlight that steers with the wheels.   

       <Boned because I dislike the fact that offroaders destroy wilderness areas and demand the right to do so.>
StarChaser, Jun 10 2002

       If GT3 can show the position of my Ford Focus' wheels during a replay, there is no reason why my actual Ford Focus shouldn't be able to do the same.
ato_de, May 17 2003


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