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Incontinence garment dispenser for corporate washrooms

In the boardroom, everyone can smell you wet your pants...
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Some business meetings can be best characterised as ... intense.

For those participants lacking the requisite intestinal fortitude, calamitous loss of sphincter control is an ever-present hazard.

For the benefit of those prone to such misfortunes, and for those in their vicinity, BorgCo are proposing to install coin-operated dispensers for disposable adult underwear in both male and female washrooms located above the Third Floor.

So, next time the quarterly business review comes around, just drop a discreet hint to Smith from New Market Development, saving the others around the table from an unpleasant interlude, and incidentally saving Smith from a degrading, embarrasing and humiliating experience... but then, there's a downside to pretty much everything.

8th of 7, Jul 08 2016


       I sometimes think all garments should come out of vending machines. This is kind of the opposite of that Japanese dirty underwear thing. Can we have them stocked the opposite way round from the expected one please?
nineteenthly, Jul 10 2016

       // the opposite way round from the expected one //   

       Despite grave misgivings about asking, what do you mean ?
8th of 7, Jul 10 2016

       Aha, I see eigenunterhosen rear their lacy heads. I mean that the blokes get the knickers and the women get the Y- fronts, boxers or whatever.
nineteenthly, Jul 10 2016

       I thought you meant the underwear should be displayed backward in the machine to show that they are unsoiled.
notexactly, Jul 19 2016


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