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Thousand Island Undressing

Gusset with Chinrest and Containers
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Crotchless Panties with a chin rest attachement and a few mini containers for dips*, carrot / celery sticks and canopies - I expect they may be branded St Micheal's or S&M.

Thanks to my identical twin brother (born just 2773 days early) for the suggestion.

*1000 island dressing's my favorite

Parmenides, May 23 2011

Mobius Strip Club Mobius_20Strip_20Club
[theircompetitor, May 24 2011]


       //Thanks to my identical twin brother//   

       I think just the one Parmenide would have been enough.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 23 2011

       Where is benfrost gone?
neelandan, May 24 2011

       The velcro on his feet got all fluffy and he fell off the planet.
nineteenthly, May 24 2011

       Good name squandered on a predictable idea.
xenzag, May 24 2011

       Really, I thought it was a strip club in Canada ..?
xandram, May 24 2011

daseva, May 24 2011

       Stochastically, yes.
8th of 7, May 24 2011

       Ahh, yes. Makes perfect nonsense.
daseva, May 24 2011

       Completely one dimensional
theircompetitor, May 24 2011


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