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Mentos Undergarments

the freshmaker
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The tingly feeling of menthol rubbing across your buttocks and private bits is not only exciting but refreshing as well. On a hot summer day as you walk about, sometimes a change of underwear is of merit not only to your own comfort, but to those on the crowded bus around you. A clean pair can always be purchased in a clothing store, but a pre-scented pair associated with your percieved mood and associated with your breath freshener of choice would be delightful.

Sold discreetly in convenience stores, you can choose between a variety of flavours and aromas from sweet to savoury, fruity to salty and can be put on in any nearby restroom.

benfrost, Jun 11 2006

Vending machines in Japan http://www.photomann.com/japan/machines/
used and available for re-use..... [xenzag, Jun 11 2006]


       "tingly feeling of menthol rubbing across your buttocks and private bits"   

       and how, benfrost, would you know that?   

       (he says, moving slightly away)
James Newton, Jun 11 2006

       Boner! The association with mint and menthol and the sweaty nether-regions of fellow bus-travelers on a hot day is to be avoided at alle costs! It will spoil a nice lamb dinner, a fragrant desert or a good cold forever! (All the same, this idea was implemented succesfully by stinky koala's years ago.)
Ehrm, Jun 11 2006

       Hm, yeah, way more information than we needed, methinks.
DrCurry, Jun 11 2006

       I think there are vending machines in japan that sell schoolgirl's used knickers... don't ask - I just know.
xenzag, Jun 11 2006

       Chocolate underwear to warm you in the winter?
wagster, Jun 11 2006

       one of the best things in life is to pinch a mint leaf and hold your finger to your nose...   

       I'd pinch Ben's pants any day and sniff and give thanks to god for nature and my nose (and Bill Oddie, bless him)
po, Jun 11 2006

       Somewhere, somewhen, there's a parallel universe in which [po]'s annos make perfect sense to me.
wagster, Jun 11 2006

       and just where would he be, then?
RayfordSteele, Jun 13 2006

       Tiger Balm would speed up your movements.
Ling, Jun 13 2006

       avoid the liquid heat though.
tcarson, Jun 13 2006

       My buttocks and private bits are stinging just thinking about it.
It's possible there's another cause, but this makes me wanna bone anyway. [-]
nihilo, Jun 13 2006

       How about Coca Cola undergarments? Just add mentos.
skinflaps, Mar 13 2008


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