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Incremental Bungee Jumping

Jump like a man; learn like a wimp
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Want to learn how to bungee jump?

But you're a FRAIDY-CAT???

Not to worry. Not anymore. Come to the Incremental Bungee Jumping Center at Vermont's famous High Cliff Gorge, and we will teach you to bungee jump the easy way.

30 bungee cords hang from the side of the bridge; the first is only 2 feet long; the last is the full 200-foot experience. Start by simply jumping on the 2-foot cord and hanging just underneath the bridge. When you've mastered that, move up to the 5-foot cord, or perhaps only the 3-footer if you still feel a bit uneasy.

Gravity always been a problem for you? Defy the Earth's terrifying force with our special Nega-G® speed control systems. Each of our bungee cords is equipped with a special hydraulic system which lets you choose your own G-force. Begin with a slow, controlled acceleration, enjoying the scenery on your way down; and slowly work your way up to the full gravitational experience.

Cookies and hot chocolate are available at all times; and as a special bonus, all participants who complete the full-length, full-speed bungee jump will receive a special Certificate Of Achievement. So sign up today!

phundug, Mar 15 2004


       I also want one of your bungee high jumps so I can fly back over instead of landing on the mat on my neck.
FarmerJohn, Mar 15 2004

       I think your 2-foot jump would have to be over a rubber mat about 9 feet below, and similarly. Throwing yourself off a bridge isn't that much less scary with a 2-foot rope than a 200-foot one.
kropotkin, Mar 15 2004

       Given your position (and magnitude of deceleration) relative to the water when you first reach v=0 in each case, I'd argue it's significantly *more* scary with the 2-footer.
HP LoveJet, Mar 16 2004

       "I could jump from here!"
Detly, Mar 16 2004

       While the stupidity factor remains about equal in both cases.
WordUp, Mar 16 2004

       I thought part of the point if the bungee being so long is that it can stretch and distribute the decel force across it's length, thereby gradually slowing the jumper. Wouldn't the 2 footer jerk the legs off this guy, or slam him into the base of the jumping platform kinda like a bungee pendulum? I like the basic premise, though.
lcllam2, Jul 16 2004

       If you only fall two feet you are't moving nearly as fast as when you fall 200. 9.81 m/s^2.
Salmon v2, Jul 17 2004

       //Want to learn how to bungee jump?// I think I already know how to jump.
bpilot, Jul 17 2004


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