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jumping karaoke

make jumping off things into big air bags or nets a recreational sport
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This idea spun off of "elevator air bags". How about providing places where people could, for a small fee (and after signing a release and taking a breathalyzer test), learn how to land and then jump or get pushed off high spots into those big loose air bags that stunt people use? Could do wild& crazy things with your body on the way down, then buy the video.

(Disgusting thought - people could practice suicide before committing themselves!)

lee, Jan 25 2001

How to jump into a dumpster. http://www.worstcas.../leaps_of_faith.htm
(From WorstCaseScenarios.com, the people who brought you the popular yellow little handbook.) Jump straight down so you don't miss; land on your back so the landing backlash doesn't break your spine. [jutta, Jan 25 2001]

San Diego Stunt Association, 3-day workshop http://www.ariafilm...asting/stntschl.htm
Second Sunday: .. two story drop into a pit. This sounds like a lot of fun, but of course not quite the casual consumer experience you outline. [jutta, Jan 25 2001]

Adrenaline Heights, Orlando http://www.adrenalineheights.com/
Specialize in rock climbing and trapeze work, but also offer stunt classes including trampoline stunts and private instruction. If someone would go for this idea (or could make it work for a party), I'd bet on these guys. [jutta, Jan 25 2001]

scad diving http://www.extremed...o.uk/scad%20diving/
fairly close but with crane instead of building [chud, Oct 13 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       With the bungee jumping craze reaching mammoth proportions, this has got to be baked...I'm just waiting for PeterSealy to hook us up with a link. Peter?   

       [Practicing suicide? Is that like shooting yourself with a gun filled with blanks or stopping short of cutting your juglar? I mean, you never know if you’re effective until you actually do it and when you succeed, you’re not around to know. Concerning practice jumping from a building, suicide victims are concerned with finality, not dismounts, so I wouldn't worry too much about them practicing...but with them succeeding. ]
iuvare, Jan 25 2001, last modified Jan 26 2001

       Wait, what does his have to do with Karaoke?
egnor, Jan 26 2001

       Well, they have Baseball Fantasy Camp, why not Stuntman Fantasy Camp?
dgeiser13, Jan 26 2001

       The "karaoke" part was in videotaping you as you jump/fall/gyrate/whatever, so you could take the experience home with you and show all your friends. Kind of a stretch, I know - couldn't think of a better term.
lee, Jan 26 2001

       They only opened in late 1999, tourist information brochures aren't your preferred reading material, and you take 4 rather than Industrial Drive?
jutta, Jan 27 2001

       50 bucks for a half hour of rock climbing there... what a rip-off!
PotatoStew, Jan 27 2001


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