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Indicate what ID or Class a closing div tag is

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Seeing the start of a tag is alright since you can often identify it by the id or some other identifying tag


<div id="post-section">


However locating the closing tag in a long document is still very annoying (though you can try tracing it using good indentation, e.g. notepad++ shows lines between indents, so that's useful.

What would be nice is if there is a box shown automagically next to each closing div tags (space permitting), showing what the other tag looks like.


<div id="post-section">

... while later

</div> [ id="post-section" ]


If too annoying, just make it show on hover (over the line, not over that tag... make scanning easy).

mofosyne, Dec 05 2014


       Some even allow hiding/showing code between paired tags. Notepad++ comes to mind.
the porpoise, Dec 05 2014

       — bigsleep,   

       <!-- post-section --> takes up space.   

       Highlights don't work if the tags are beyond the screenview   


       yea notepad++ is pretty good. But seeing things at a glance is nice as well.
mofosyne, Dec 05 2014

       computer: programming language?
notexactly, Dec 18 2018


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