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keyboard/monitor combo

integrates keyboard and monitor to avoid having to keep looking up while you are typing
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I was reading through the "Spelling Catastrophe Light" topic, and I thought "Hey - Good Idea." (The apostrophe's weren't part of the thought - I put them in the text so that you could see what the thought was.) But then I got thinking "The light would have to be mounted on the keyboard or I would never see it flashing". My mind wandered (wondered?) on, and I thought "Hey - why not devise a computer system that displays what you are typing on the actual keyboard (cos I don't know about you, but I get awful neck ache having to keep looking up to see what I actually typef=d - especially with these stupid progressive bi-focals).
paddler, Apr 23 2002


       Practice, practice, practice.   

       There were typewriters that had something like this. Don't know if they still exist. You *can* get desks that mount the monitor in an upward-facing angle behind a window. This would let you keep your head pointed more-or-less down while typing. Might alleviate your whiplash.
phoenix, Apr 23 2002

       The best way to deal with this, of course, is to learn how to touch-type. Then you can stare at your monitor all you want, and never have to look down.   

       The ridges on the home keys are there for a reason. Also, when you're looking at what you're typing instead of at your fingers on the keyboard, you can still tell when you've made a mistake - and even how you need to adjust your fingers to correct it.. =)
sachac, Apr 24 2002

       Thank you Sachac - I must have an old keyboard though because my "Home" key does not have ridges, neither does my keyboard have an "Anykey" that I'm always being asked to press if I want to continue..
paddler, Apr 24 2002

       Use some mirrors?
omegatron, Oct 23 2005

       ah but then, I would have chronic neck pains from always being bent down.   

       although, I can see where this would be very handy (haha...ha...ok fine it wasn't funny), since you're right, it is annoying to have to look up and down to fix spelling errors.   

       But then, there is always practice. Touch typists are amazing, just watch em go!
we_dont_eat_them, Feb 09 2007

       Could you have your screen projected onto a glass pane that is suspended above your keyboard so that you could see your hands underneath and follow the text on the screen with a quick adjust of focus within your manually controlled eyes?
theleopard, Feb 09 2007

       Is this not a touchscreen?
Noexit, Feb 09 2007

       How about like in (not exactly the best film of all time) Johhny Mnenomic, he's using a VR set..try Youtube "Johnny Mnemonic Future Internet" search string.   


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