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Inflatable screen

Takes up less space on your desktop
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Inflatable screen takes up less space on your desktop, can be upgraded to become a 3D screen, and can be punched (as required elsewhere on HB).
pashute, Jun 12 2006

this but smaller http://www.summerci...com/screensales.htm
[ironfroggy, Jun 15 2006]

Stick it on this. http://www.plusminus.ru/flashbag.html
[egbert, Jun 15 2006]

and you can punch the monitor Punchable_20Monitor
with this idea too [pashute, Oct 22 2007]


       How does it work?   

       I like roll-up screens better.
BJS, Jun 12 2006

       maybe you could put a roll up screen on an air mattress.   

       but yeah, how?
tcarson, Jun 13 2006

       By the power of gonflable.
skinflaps, Jun 13 2006

       It would only take up less space until I had to inflate it. I don't want to have to inflate my monitor just to "check my email quick"
ironfroggy, Jun 15 2006

       When inflating it makes a nice "pop" sound, and inflates instantly...   

       When deflating, is sucked into a tiny cup.   

       It can inflate into a the size needed at the time, so if you need a flat 25'' scrren simply press the green button, and POP, there it is.   

       Great for laptops and that sort of pc.
pashute, Jul 11 2006

       This would be a better gadget. Why not make an inflatable tower for the PC too and market it to teens who already have inflatable furniture in their rooms?
MoreCowbell, Jul 12 2006

       Why not make it levitating at that and it would take no desk space at all? And if you make yourself and desk levitate, you really do not need floor at all. An all levitating house would greatly lower the cost of it, as it would render the price of land property void. And if you really want a house on the ground, you can make the ground levitate. Well, the earth itself sort of levitates in the space, so the greater-great solution has been taken care of by God.   

       Wow, pashute. You are a Zweistein.
anzlovar, Jul 13 2006

       Its still a great idea not realized almost a year later, why the bones?
pashute, Oct 22 2007

       I gave you that bun back in 2006.
skinflaps, Oct 22 2007

       I just tossed a bun today!
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 22 2007


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