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Indoor Golf

Neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night, will keep you from your rounds (of golf).
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There are already several structures large enough to accomodate an 18 hole course, why not build one specifically for golfing. I envision a series of large geodesic corridors, think giant green houses, where one could play at any time, in any weather.

This would be especially popular in Northern climes, but might be economically feasible anywhere, due to the large initial expense of a golf course which is usuable only so many days of the year. Rain, snow, hurricanes, and lightning cut down on the number of playable days on a regular course. With an indoor course, it would be playable 24/7/365.

Plus, now you have total control of the ecosystem. All courses are watered regularly and there is a constant battle with weeds and unwanted vermin, ie gophers. Here you would able to cut down on, if not eliminate, the cost of pesticides and herbicides. Every blade of grass would receive the exact amount of water it needs.

Water hazards would be concrete lined and sloped to an automatic ball collector that would return your ball the the club house for later pickup. No More out of bounds, no more lost ball penalties. Scores would improve and many duffers would save enough on lost balls to afford the higher fees.

Just so you know, I hate golf.

roland3c, Nov 30 2004

Why not just a simulator? http://www.aboutgolf.com/
[Letsbuildafort, Nov 30 2004]

Indoor Golf in Monolithic Domes http://www.monolith...ry/commercial/golf/
"A nine-hole course could be built perfectly in four, 400-foot domes." [jurist, Oct 01 2006]

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       You know - there used to be this place here in town that had a few golf simulators. Right next to the coffee bar. <with linky link>
Letsbuildafort, Nov 30 2004

       Ideally, the ceiling would be high enough that a normal drive would not hit the ceiling. Your just not thinking on a grand enough scale, Unabubba.   

       As for the simulator, fort, it's just not the same. And it's baked.
roland3c, Dec 01 2004

       Metres? What happened to tradition?
My word, a 328 yard drive! Gulp. Are your fairways made of concrete?
Ling, Dec 01 2004

       I was gonna post an idea once about an indoor golf without domes. A semipermeable membrane on a 10 ft ceiling would engulf (golf!) the ball, calculate its trajectory and spit it out somewhere else, wherever it should be. Video projection on the ceiling would accomodate the lack of realism. Alas, I fear the critics of the halfbakery.
daseva, May 13 2006

       This is brilliant idea! Instead of geodesic corridors consider a gigantic biodome/dymaxion house where the entire 18-hole course is covered. 24/7 golf a middle-aged man's dream come true.
tallshop, May 15 2006


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