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Infinity Urinal

My cup runneth over
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#1 Destination for men aims to please




Addendum: No reason to get all pissed off, now.
Ya see, this here toilet has water overflowing at the edges, lending an appearance of infinity, kinda like an infinity pool. It has a drain at the bottom, and filters and a regurgitatinger and stuff. The regurgitatinger makes doggone sure it doesn't turn into a fountain, instead, water gently flows, infinitely, it seems, over the brim of the toilet bowl, above the curb ('pon which your hairy man-toes dangle) which surrounds the moat leading to the drain. This-a-way you don't get whiz on your hairy man-toes. Everybody loves it.
thumbwax, May 03 2003

Just like this, except: http://www.crete-ho...as/Extra/pool11.jpg
There's no panoramic view of paradise, you don't sit in the pool, which is much smaller, it's indoors, it is the same height and size as a toilet bowl... [thumbwax, Oct 05 2004]


Guncrazy, May 03 2003

hippo, May 03 2003

       So who's going to give the poo a helping shove over the edge?
FarmerJohn, May 03 2003

       It's strictly for #1, as hinted by "#1 destination" - perhaps this should be entitled Infinity Urinal, which...
thumbwax, May 03 2003

       excuse moi - FJ?
po, May 03 2003

       Please don't make me do an illustration.
thumbwax, May 03 2003

       Umm, interesting. Sorta like a swimming pool one can pee in.
sartep, May 03 2003

       My bad for ending with a preposition.
sartep, May 03 2003

       [sartep] you're not the only one dangling in here
lintkeeper2, May 03 2003

       Am I the only one that gets it?   

       +, by the way (even though it'd use quite a bit of energy). Add a thingermajigitacalliteroonie to switch it off when not in use, or fer #2-ing.
galukalock, May 04 2003

       That'll require a seat, which will obstruct the view.
thumbwax, May 04 2003

       Put the seat on springs or something, then. But if you absolutely hafta make this *only* a yearnal, put a switch on it anyway (step-on or sum'm) so it don't run all the time.
galukalock, May 04 2003


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