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Color Change Toilet

see-thru color change toilet
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A see-through toilet bowl made of glass is indeed unique. But I would want to go one step further. I would have a space between the outside and inside of the toilet bowl. I would fill that space with whatever colored water I chose. One could choose a color that matches the decor of the bathroom. One could be even more creative and add glitter. I would have a plug at the top of the toilet bowl so colored water could be added. A funnel or large syringe would work. Does anyone have any other ideas for filling the inside of the toilet bowl? And a plug at the bottom to empty the water when one wants to change it to another color. Fluorescent water would be dynamic coming into a dark bathroom at night. Sort of a nightlight for the bathroom. Does anyone know how that can be done? I think a color change toilet bowl would dress up the bathroom nicely.
Zazoo, Feb 09 2005

Cool Neon http://www.coolneon.com
'aim here' you could write... [changokun, Feb 09 2005]


       I never really thought about fluorescent dye in water, I suppose it could work. If the dye in water will fluoresce, I wonder what the effect would be of immersing a black light source in the water?   

       For the black light source, there are coated neon tubes ("violet", "purple", etc. depending on the manufacturer) when pumped with argon/mercury put off a pretty good amount of UV. A run of this could probably be safely isolated by casting it in plastic, but the chances of getting away with high voltage in a toilet are slim.   

       If it were up to me, I'd have a drain valve (maybe operable from inside the tank or remotely by electromechanical trickery) that dumped the decor water down the regular toilet drain. Then, you could have a small mixing tank in the main tank that mixed water with a concentrated dye as it drains in to the decorative reservoir. Set up to change color automatically on a schedule. Yellow would probably be a less than optimal color choice.
half, Feb 09 2005

       I'd like to put goldfish in the outer chamber of water. yes, indeed.
ORISIS, Feb 09 2005

       fish, yes. and your piss already flouresces. you wouldn't need the black light *in* the bowl. it could be almost anywhere in the room...and you'd only get a sunburn if you passed out in the room.   

       how about some fiber optics? there is also low-voltage DC 'neon.' [see link]
changokun, Feb 09 2005

       I like the goldfish idea. And if you really want to be colorful you can put a Beta fish in there. Tropical like!!
Zazoo, Feb 09 2005

       Fiber optics would be awesome. Just leave the water out of it then. Safer way to go!
Zazoo, Feb 09 2005

       Lava lamp?
robinism, Feb 09 2005

       How about making it heated water? You could have two or three liquids of different densities and colours to create a lava lamp effect (like putting oil on water) - but as seeing lava lamps get very hot, using lava lamp technology would have a high risk of burning your bum.
SpeedDemon, Feb 11 2005

       //Does anyone have any other ideas for filling the inside of the toilet bowl? // Apart from the obvious, of course...
hippo, Feb 11 2005

       I wonder if one could make it appear invisible under the right lighting conditions. I'm fairly sure its doable. Then you could come into the bathroom at 4 am, and hit a small switch. A small HB logo pops up on a lit patch of the toilet. Take a seat, and let it flow.
Blumster, Feb 11 2005

       Water appears clear under light of the same color - so, red water would be clear under red light of the same shade.   


       EDIT: A side note: perhaps it would be wise to have the inner hull of the toilet NOT be see-though. Just so the fish don't get terrified a few hours after a White Castle binge.
shapu, Feb 11 2005


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