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Designer Toilet

A multi-media experience you'll swear is number one in the world!
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Seriously, we've found a way to theme everything, it seems. So why not theme toilets. Not merely the toilet enclosure, but the toilet itself. For example, the Claude Monet Water Lily Toilet, complete with floating water lilies. These would be the kinds of toilets that no one really used that often, but would be for show in the guest bathroom. For Halloween, the toilet could be like a giant bubbling cauldron. Or it could have tombstones on it. Or, if you are the really mean type, the haunted toilet could randomly shoot water at the user or reach out a furry wolf claw. Who knows. The line of designer toilets should be swappable at the base, while still preserving the same tank and sewer hookup infrastructure.

The floor, where the feet go, as well as the wall behind the toilet for the standing crowd, should have a related entertainment feature so that you can have something interesting to do or look at while you are seated or standed. Maybe a puzzle, or a soothing rainforest scene on a flat, water-proof LCD monitor. Or a gory scene from a Halloween movie. Some other options: the rainforest toilet, that looks like it has plants and a rock face; the slide toilet, which looks like a water slide; the space toilet, which is really futuristic looking and has lots of crazy looking blinky lights.

The best part: Martha Stewart wouldn't touch these designer toilets with a ten-foot curtain rod.

polartomato, Oct 09 2002

Master Pee http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Master_20Pee
A slightly different concept, focusing more on the overall experience [polartomato, Oct 09 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       If it can have a anti splash system, designed by Gulherme industries pty ltd then I'd buy it
Gulherme, Oct 09 2002

       Film noir toilet: "5:30am. I dropped my pants and prepared to take a dump. It was still raining..." [(c) DrBob]   

       Windows (TM) Toilet: " It looks like you're trying to take a dump.." Will only flush if you simultaneously hold down the lever and turn on one basin tap and one bath tap.   

       Ground Force toilet: surrounded by decking and with obligatory water feature.
egbert, Oct 09 2002

       I dunno, you'd hope the most anal woman in TV history... Oh, yeah - they don't have curtain rods in prison*
*wishful thinking
thumbwax, Oct 09 2002

       or for a political statement, how about a toilet that looks like osama bin ladden, with an especialy wide open mouth?   

       can't you just picture it? it would be like making him eat you-know-what!
-wess, Oct 09 2002

       I'll take a toilet with flying buttresses down the side, and little gargoyles just beneath the rim. No more cleaning under the toilet for me.
Wes, Oct 09 2002

       [Wes] And you'd be ok with sitting down with little gargoyles so close to your behind?
blissmiss, Oct 09 2002

       not sure I'd want to plop in a bubbling cauldron, but i'd certainly enjoy a dis-go-potty, replete with flashing lights and mirror bowl.
hot4shopping, Oct 09 2002

       The Frank Lloyd Wright toilet - "Fallingwater"
waugsqueke, Oct 09 2002

       how about an Italian "Toilet of Trevi (sp?) "?   

       this thread remindes me of that episode of "home improvement", when "tool time" had the "guys bathroom". It had "the lazy bowl reclining toilet".
-wess, Oct 10 2002

       Bagsy I get a thrown
Del, Dec 01 2002


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