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Inflatable collar travel vest

Better than average.
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New from BorgCo, a way of ever so slightly reducing the utter misery of long haul passenger travel by air.

The new Travel Vest is made of thin, breathable fabric, with the exception of the collar.

Numerous pockets provide safe haven for your personal technology etc.

The collar incorporates an inflatable core, but unlike cheap inflatable "neck cushions" which have an impervious PVC skin, the collar is padded will a "cool-feel" breathable fabric which wicks away perspiration and prevents "hot ear" syndrome.

Inflation (and deflation) is achieved by a small battery-powered air pump of the type used in automated sphygmomanometers, controlled from a set of buttons on the lapel. Manual inflation is also possible.

Inflatable panels are also incorporated in the "body" of the vest, meaning that when you board the aircraft you're already wearing a lifejacket.

The De Luxe version has a compact single use parachute concealed in the back.

8th of 7, Jul 26 2012

Inflatable_20Hoodie [xenzag, Jul 26 2012]

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       My freediving mentor was boarding a small plane in Canada and passed through some xray gear on the way.   

       He was wearing a cold weather jacket that had inflatable capability at the activation of a CO2 cartridge.   

       They stopped him at the gate and said "Are you a pilot?".   

       He replied "No, I'm a sailor". They let him board with no further questions.   

       The manual inflation option is wise.
normzone, Jul 27 2012


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