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Inflatable mousepad

Just yank the cord...
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Waiting for the database to return the report you requested? Another hour left on that movie you're downloading? Simply move your mouse off of your mousepad and yank the cord protruding from the side - instantly the mousepad inflates to a nice, comfortable pillow.

Could also be used as an emergency flotation device, or an oxygen supply via an attachable mouthpiece.

rgovostes, May 30 2004

inflatable keyboard pillow http://www.halfbake...20keyboard_20pillow
related idea by [xyg] [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       Inflated/deflated by usb-powered air pump?   

       Several of these spread around the desk, combined with some face/gesture recognition software should result in an automatic airbag-pillow safety system suitable for sleepy, nodding-off yet internet-addicted heads.
benjamin, May 31 2004

       [xyg] did this as a keyboard feature, see link.
krelnik, May 31 2004

       If this [xyg] (or anyone else) would like me to remove this, I would without hesitation.
rgovostes, Jun 07 2004


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