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Inner Space

A crew awakens in a crashed spaceship with their harnesses attached.
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The six or more person crew awakens almost simultaneously, a few others will awaken gradually as the plot continues to allow for summary of events and the possibly to ask a stupid question that a case study of audience members who viewed the film without the question asked the majority of the time. Inner Space refers to the inside of the spaceship and the movie, which both are so bad at the start that the audience members simultaneously want to leave as the movie characters do, then it gets interesting. When the crew awakens the ship is clearly repeating rules to follow from an automatic messaging system, and identifying everyone's movements out-loud in order to maintain control, given that crews are known to behave psychotically given the eternal lessons of space-travel.

Each of the crew are bound to the space-craft by a tether attached to their harnesses. Their spacesuits and the harnesses are seamlessly joined, and the suit and the ships speakers imply that the suit cannot be removed without damage to the fingertips or underlying skin. A panicked crew member scratching at his wrist is interspersed with flashing ship lights and piranha feeding. Another crew member examines his tether and sees nothing but a serial number which is uncannily similar to the price of admission.

The tethers gradually allow movement, as the crew is determined to be under control and the ship announces rules less frantically. Another crew member awakens and asks what the price of admission was in a suggestive way, and in one in a number of theaters some guy says the number, and the protagonist breaks the fourth wall for that one guy only and says "this is for you", and ventures out of the ship. The rest of the crew view him as a scourge, debate his reasoning for leaving the safety of the ship, and maybe even plot against him. The audience decides to stay in the ship plot-line or follow the protagonist leaving everyone guessing who is the villain, the crew that represents them, or the daring crew member who is the villain inside at least some theaters.

In theaters where that doesn't happen, maybe the movie would still be understandable in the ways that movies are. At the very least everyone will be compelled by the story of the embryos growing into children inside the spaceship incubator that are becoming too large for it but nobody knows the pass-code except that one guy who has been the cause of everyone's trouble.

rcarty, Dec 18 2014


normzone, Dec 19 2014

       "their harnesses attached....The six or more person crew awakens almost simultaneously, a few others will awaken gradually"   

       Sounds like the opening bit of the last predators film...
not_morrison_rm, Dec 19 2014

       Sounds like a bad acid trip.
Voice, Dec 19 2014

       That's not sounds its visual imagery.
rcarty, Dec 19 2014


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