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Rear Projection Windshield

To go along with the 2-million watt car stereo
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This involves mounting a projector in the ledge behind the rear seats, pointed at the back windshield. The windshield is coated with the same material rear projection TVs are made of. Now you can drive down the road blasting your favorite music from your stereo system and have the video playing on your rear windshield too.
senatorjam, Jul 17 2003

All os Squeak's Croissants are belong to me http://www.halfbake...lywood_20Windscreen
[senatorjam, Oct 04 2004]


       [squeak] - oh, yes
FloridaManatee, Jul 18 2003

       Does this project in a way that the driver can see the right image?.
Or is it projected in such a way that the complete strangers
(or would-be-stranglers)on the road can have the *benefit* of your unquestionable taste in music *enhanced* by a visual treat?
gnomethang, Jul 18 2003

       what gnome said. having trouble visualising this.
po, Jul 18 2003

       THis is purely for the benefits of would be "stranglers"
senatorjam, Jul 18 2003

       oh thats alright then.
po, Jul 18 2003

       I don't know about you, but whenever these characters Boom!Boom!Boom! past me
I am always briefly changed into a would be strangler.
Bloody Drum&Bass.
gnomethang, Jul 18 2003

       garrotting is so much classier.
po, Jul 18 2003

       You could project a video image fed by a camera pointed out the back end of the car, and you could see it all, live, in the rear-view mirror!
beauxeault, Jul 18 2003

       might as well put this throughout the car and make it a "I-Max" experience.
killerb18c1, Jul 24 2003

       To extend beaux's idea a little further, you could project outside camera images from all sides onto the rear view mirror and have a complete 360 degree view. Possibly useful if your not sure how close to the kerb you've parked.
DrBob, Jul 24 2003

       Put a camera in the back seat and other people can blow their horn and cheer to the couple in the back seat that are taking off their clothes and making pure sweet love.
jeffman, Jul 24 2003


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