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Integrated car airbed

For the lazy.
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Airbeds for cars are Baked and WKTE.

Campervans are Baked and WKTE.

BorgCo have now developed an in-vehicle sleeping accommodation that requires minimal effort and can be retrofitted.

Simply unzip the front of the seat squab and pull out the support frame, then press the inflate button. A built-in air pump automatically fills the bed with the correct pressure of air, then shuts off.

The airbed is supported over its full width and compensates for the backward inclination of the seat.

A set of privacy curtains are provided.

After use, press the deflate button, and the pump sucks all the air out of the bed, allowing it to be quickly and easily packed back into the seat.

8th of 7, Oct 08 2016


       I don't understand this. Are you suggesting that one can _sleep_ in a vehicle? What happens about room service? How is breakfast supplied? Who carries the luggage? Who polishes the shoes overnight?   

       This entire idea seems not to have been adequately thought out.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 09 2016

       // What happens about room service? //   

       Your valet, butler and footman occupy an adjacent vehicle or vehicles, linked by a wireless bell/intercom system.   

       // How is breakfast supplied? //   

       The chef in another vehicle cooks the exact breakfast you specify, which the butler serves to you in your bed.   

       // Who carries the luggage? //   

       It's in the back of the servant's vehicle.   

       // Who polishes the shoes overnight? //   

       Your valet.   

       Look, if you want to be first out on the opening day of the Panda-hunting season, you're going to have to rough it just a bit. Winnebagos just can't make it that far in that terrain, it has to be 4x4s.
8th of 7, Oct 09 2016

       Oh for goodness' sake. You know full well that we have the pandas released in the nor' nor' east pineapple plantation - not more than a seven minute walk from the nor' nor' east residential wing.   

       The lower animals, [8th], take the world as they find it. The Buchanans have long had a more interventionist approach. Or perhaps you have forgotten last August's stoat-wrangling event already? I seem to recall you enjoyed the canapés very much.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 09 2016

       Admittedly the paté de foie cygne was particularly piquant ...   

       Have you decided on a venue for this year's Samhain party yet ? Presumably after the Intercalary's somewhat embarrassing exposition last year, the British Museum is no longer an option.
8th of 7, Oct 09 2016

       In many countries outside of those Chalky Blocks stranded in the French Channel, the word "caravan" connotes, not a wheeled bed- in-box to be dragged behind one's going-to-work conveyance when going-to-not-work, but rather an entire company of vehicles toiling along to some distant cache of shareable amenities - say, two tents worth of self-supported shade or a dozen humpfuls of muddy water. One imagines the more (and/or) less civilized subjects of Queen and Cube, respectively, wandering under desert palms in the cool of evening, one gauging the wi-fi connectivity prospects of such organic antennae and screaming about service to his patent-leather wingtips (such service to apparently be provided by the occupant of another vehicle, who seems to be prodding said footwear with a sesquihominid-high leaf-bladed spear), while the other engages in jiujitsu-voodoo attacks on a double-wide highland bagpipe, purportedly for the purpose of turning it into a camp-cot.
lurch, Oct 09 2016

       //a venue for this year's Samhain party//   

       Yes, we're having it at Sturton's place this year. Excavations have already begun, and the repainting of the Great House in appropriate colours is just about on schedule. Of course he'll be livid when he gets back from* Tanganyika, but it serves him right for his last April Fool's stunt (the intercalary still can't bear to look at an ocelot).   

       (*technically "is released from", but we never dwell.)   

       Also, it wasn't paté. I believe we were having the north-west pantry retiled - the contractor did wonder where his grout had gone.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 11 2016


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