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Tire swing for vehicles

Big kids playground equipment
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New this year from EvilCo. The vehicle tire swing. Built under a steel structure, with an industrial strength ball joint. Hanging from the ball joint are 4 chains that connect to a flat steel frame. The vehicle is mounted to the frame with clamps once it is in place. All of the chains are adjustable allowing the vehicle to be driven on and off the mount. The frame would be centered in a large, paved crater in the ground. Balancing the load is done by adjusting the chains length. Adjustments for passenger presence and weight done.

By vehicle we should explain, it must be a short wheelbase vehicle with an exposed frame, such as a jeep.

Starting the fun is as simple as driving forward, then reverse once up the crater. Neutral to avoid transmission damage.

EvilCo is not responsible for exploding transmissions, vertical collisions or dogs chasing the vehicle. Not responsibility for stuck sedans or trucks.

evilpenguin, Jan 02 2013

Another tire swing project http://www.projectcartoon.com/cartoon/2
For anyone who hasn't encountered it before [Vernon, Jan 02 2013]


       There's a few companies throwing money at research on the Halfbakery.
normzone, Jan 02 2013

       Damnit! I deleted my first comment by mistake... Damn thumb and phone
evilpenguin, Jan 02 2013


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