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Plug-in Hybrid Home Entertainment Vehicle

Plug-in Hybrid Home Entertainment Vehicle
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Plug-in hybrids are becoming more common.

Thus the consumer comes into posession of a vehicle that can be plugged into the mains.

Most such vehicles are equipped with a reasonable sound system and internet connectivity.

Why leave an asset unused for a portion of the day ?

You own a small cabin with comfortable seats, heating and air conditioning, surround sound and other gadgetry.

The addition of a suitably positioned HD video projector(s) and opaque screens on the front and side windows can give an immersive, possibly 3D immersive, visual experience. It costs a lot less to heat or cool than a house. If you want to play F1 racing games, there's a steering wheel and pedals right there; a few design tweaks and Flight Simulator is equally possible.

You can be "right there" in the front row of a Heavy Metal concert with ease; in such a confined space, the audio power needed to rupture your eardrums and cause bleeding from the eyes and nostrils is comparatively modest.

And you can use these facilities when away from home, because they're right there in your car.

8th of 7, Nov 16 2019

PHV Planetary_20Habitation_20Vehicle
This could converge to PHV -- Planetary Habitation Vehicle. :) [Mindey, Nov 17 2019]


       This needs to be packaged into a business case and sent to Tesla IMMEDIATELY!
Voice, Nov 17 2019

       Packaged ? Why ? The idea sells itself ...
8th of 7, Nov 17 2019

       //The idea sells itself ...// Invention too cheap to meter.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 17 2019

       Of course, why do we need houses anyway (see link on PHV)? And, regarding entertainment, for that HD projector, a it's either special kind of lens for non-uniform distance of screen, or the positioning of the projector would have to be adjusted, to make sense. For example, placing the projector deep in the front windowsill or closer to the track shift lever may do the trick of making the uniform distance from projector to the window.
Mindey, Nov 17 2019


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