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Intelligent Call Avoiding

Dodge unpleasant callers, disrupt unpleasant calls, and more...
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It's about time we have intellgient phones and cell phones that not only detect caller IDs but also apply specific actions to them.

Getting calls from lowlife scum? Direct them to your pre-recorded insults. Getting bothered by your ex-boyfriend? Direct him to the "away on honeymoon" recording. Pestered by a pesky reporter? Direct him to the busy tone, the angry "wrong number" growl, or the "This number is no longer in use" Telecoms message.

Other in-call features include user-controlled static and fade-out to end embarrassing calls, and special effects like the husky voice mask and the pitch modifer.

Don't wish to be bothered ever again? We also have: the silenced death cry, the psychotic heavy breathing, the deaf grandmother and the retarded brother.

baboo, Apr 02 2002


       Systems are available now that will play different messages to different caller IDs.
waugsqueke, Apr 02 2002


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