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Junk Phone Call Filter

If you don't make a particular sound, the phone does not ring
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you call my phone 555 5555

It answers "If you want me to ring the bell, Quack like a duck three times"

you "quack quack quack"

phone begins to ring call proceeds normally.

or you anything but quacks it takes message or hangs up depending on how set..

(I know this must be baked, just want to know where to send my 29.78 plus tax.)

popbottle, Aug 20 2014


       I just hit the *ignore* button.
xandram, Aug 21 2014

       So, this is a Captcha for the telephone?   

       It won't stop robocallers that connect to a real human when the phone picks up, but it will block all those messages from the school district telling me when school is canceled because of snow...
scad mientist, Aug 21 2014


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