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Interactive yells

Automatically generates sounds and words in accordance with your speech
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Talk to it nicely and it begins to purr. Yell at it and it starts getting angry at you. The clean version doesn't use swear words.

A visually controlled version reacts with sounds to your movement, waving a fist at it, can get it going real bad. Just smiling and waving could make it very friendly.

Of course the advanced version allows you to set the accent.

pashute, Dec 13 2012

Wiki: Sony AIBO http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AIBO
I'm not sure whether the thing you're imagining in your idea just lives in a PC, or is a manifest "thing", but the Sony AIBO was touted as having a certain amount of "mood-recognition" i.e. behavioural changes based on recognition of noises and gestures made by its owner. [zen_tom, Dec 13 2012]


       I think the Sony Aibo did this - which reminds me, I forestalled purchasing one of those back in 2005 in anticipation of the very exciting-looking Qrio - which dissapeared off the face of the earth - I wonder what happened to that project?
zen_tom, Dec 13 2012

       No this is under computer:game. I meant it for the PC or smartphone, so that everybody instantly has it available. It will be the next scream.
pashute, Dec 13 2012


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