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Literal Virtualspace Ban Hammer

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The idea is simple.

In a FPS or RPG game that is multiplayer.

Instead of having to fumble for the name of the user.

The moderator is given an optional banning weapon in their ingame inventory.

It is simply a big hammer, that when it hits anybody on its primary functions, kicks them from the server. The right click, however bans them (with addition visual effect.)

Will be used more, if kicking a player out of the game with the MOD hammer, causes the player to fly right out of the map, before being informed that they had been kicked.

Of course if they player runs, the mod can simply use the word of the console screen god to smite them.

mofosyne, Oct 05 2010


       hmmm... btw the moderators should also be allowed to force troublemaking players to wear a 'dunce' cap.   

       The weapon in this case, is a portable traffic cone.
mofosyne, Oct 05 2010

       you can have a whole range of humiliation devices before you get up to actually banning them.
Voice, Oct 05 2010

       STOP! hammer time [+]
xxobot, Oct 05 2010

       Of course the 'kill cam' would have to show this. And if it's a 'real-time kill-cam' like battlefield the camera would have to revert to a god-like fellow pointing at you from the nearest opening. If there is no such opening (such as a building-free outdoor map) God would be in the sky, on a jet-pack   

BLSTIC, Sep 25 2013

       Why are there not such things as this? I would think those who play such games and those who watch videos of people playing such games would delight in this? The hammer is the least of such - people could have pants around ankles, dunce caps as noted, soil themselves - so many wonderfulnesses to inflict on the gamer.   

       I had always thought it was because there was no godlike moderator.
bungston, Sep 25 2013


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