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Life game

An idle game that has a screen that reflects what you are doing
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Pixel art game that imitates what you are doing at any given time. If you're at work, you see your character at work, if you're at the gym you see your character at the gym.

It works out where you are in the real world and what you're roughly doing based on wifi networks and time of the day. You start the game with a quiz.

The game tries to gamify your life with accomplishments. So you can compete with your friends. It tracks your bank account balance and suggests when to buy ice cream.

chronological, Jan 05 2020

Sim Sim You Sim_20Sim_20You
Similar to this - which imitates what you do and also the motivation and actions of a game-player who would make you do what you've just done [hippo, Jan 06 2020]


       What if you don't like ice cream?
pocmloc, Jan 05 2020

       <Pixelated image of a set of cross-hairs positioned on [chronological]'s cranium/>
8th of 7, Jan 05 2020


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