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Interdepartmental laptop sleeve

Keep your ultraportable computer safe
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Laptop sleeves are designed to keep a laptop computer safe within your existing bag, such as a briefcase or backpack. This particular sleeve is designed for ultra-thin portable computers such as Apple's MacBook Air and Lenovo's X300.

The sleeve is made of a water-resistant fabric. Rubber corners are stitched into the interior of the sleeve to absorb energy from small impacts. Instead of a zipper to open the long edge of the sleeve, a flap on the short edge utilizes a hook-and-loop strip to keep the lightweight computing device from falling out.

One style of the design would use amber fabric, with an "interdepartmental mail envelope" design screen-printed on the face. This style would give a nod to an advertisement campaign where Apple, Inc. illustrated how their product fit inside one such envelope. This sleeve would be sized larger than the real envelope to accommodate padding material.

ed, Mar 04 2008

Interdepartmental mail envelope http://www.egreenea....com/idm/IDM201.gif
pattern for the face of the sleeve [ed, Mar 04 2008]

ManilaMac http://www.manilamac.com/
This is *soooooo* baked [hippo, Mar 04 2008]


       Couldn't you just use a jiffy bag?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 04 2008

       Pre-heated by Asus a few years ago. It wasn't waterproof, but it was padded and sealed with a velcro flap.
marklar, Mar 04 2008

       Jiffy bags almost work, as the bubble padding provides some shock protection and water resistance. On the other hand, the flap is not resealable and the paper exterior is likely to deteriorate quickly.
ed, Mar 04 2008

       Bah! My Yahoo searches did not find this, probably because I never used the word "manila". <nerdy voice>Actually, "manila" is a much lighter color than used to fabricate this type of envelope.</nv>
ed, Mar 04 2008

       .... or make the computer rather more rugged ..... ?
8th of 7, Mar 05 2008

       //Jiffy bags almost work, as the bubble padding provides some shock protection and water resistance.//   

       The hot oil and steam doesn't cause a problem? Seems like a pretty tough environment for such a compact notebook.
Noexit, Mar 05 2008


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