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Internet Talkback Radio Show Protocol

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I know there are already 'internet radio' streams that delivers content to a passive online audience.

But can't we also create a new protocol, which allows supported webradio programs or devices to 'dial' the talkback channel of a show?

You may not even need to create a totally new protocol to support this, perhaps if a protocol is extensible, you can make it so that it adds a real-time up datable 'talk back contact details' to the stream. This may instead of opening a custom VOIP talkback channel, could just be a link to open a call via some other method like skype.

mofosyne, May 31 2010

Some free SIP stuff http://snapvoip.blo...unts-revisited.html
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a standard IP technology that outlines a method of setting up communication sessions (VOIP as an exemplar). Here are some links to places that may offer free accounts & stuff [Jinbish, Jun 02 2010]

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       This could be done fairly easily with Flash. The technology would be very similar to Chat Roulette. [+]
calculust, Jun 02 2010

       //... instead of opening a custom VOIP... via some other method like skype.//   

       Skype is VOIP... but I think that the point of what you're saying is that Internet radio streams could have a reply address embedded in or parallel to the data stream.   

       Alternatively, what you could be suggesting is that a web- based radio player (could be Flash) would have a URL to click on that starts a return VOIP channel... in which case SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, could be used to set it up (with appropriate client). In this case, no new protocol needed.
Jinbish, Jun 02 2010

       yea that was the idea I trying to get across thanks :D   

       But the big question if you want this to occur, is how do we standardize this and promote this idea? (After all, not everybody has skype)
mofosyne, Jun 02 2010

       I've played computer games where 5-10 people get to talk, and listen to one another over the internet - it's bedlam. I don't know how big these radio audiences are - but any more than 5 people talking at the same time, on the same channel, need some form of administrator to keep things running non-chaotically - otherwise everyone else will just turn that bit off.
zen_tom, Jun 02 2010

       //(After all, not everybody has skype)//   

       Indeed. Skype is proprietary and non-standard.   

       There are other ways though - you can get freeware VOiP software that operate with standard codecs and standard networking technologies (RTP, SIP, etc.). I'm not sure how easy any are to use though...   

       Basically, you could do this with modified SIP and SDP (session description protocol) messages.
Jinbish, Jun 02 2010

       isn't SDP for showing the title of whatever music you are playing over the webradio?   

       I donno if thats a good idea. Can't you have it in a 'hidden' metadata field?
mofosyne, Jun 06 2010


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