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Interstate Radio

a directory of all the radio stations in the US and which interstates they can be heard from
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Think about it. A software program wherein you could input your location and destination-- and it would tell you not only which route to take, but what radio stations would be available on the way. This could be an idea...
huxley, Jun 20 2000

*CD http://www.starcd.com
Call 'em up, punch in the call letters and the time, and they tell you what song was playing. Only Frisco and Philly now, (and only crappy mass-market stations), but when they get going, could harvest them for geographic/genre station data. [rmutt, Jun 20 2000]

FCC's FM radio database query http://www.fcc.gov/mmb/asd/fmq.html
It's easy to get the entire database of FM stations from the FCC's web site by querying each frequency. The data includes lattitude and longitude, but not the station format. [brouhaha, Jun 20 2000]

Radio Roadtrip.com http://www.radioroadtrip.com
Radio stations and radio networks along the Interstate highway system in the US and Canada. [mklune, Jun 20 2000]


       This has already been done at RadioRoadtrip.com. It also lists radio networks by interstate highways. So if you want to listen to Rush Limbaugh, you know what stations are on your route. Also, professional teams are listed.
mklune, Nov 26 2000

       XM has no boundaries...
Mr Burns, Jun 26 2002


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