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Long Silence Identifier

Turn on the radio during long silences.
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Have you ever left for work (or wherever), been driving for 20 minutes, and suddenly realized that the radio was off? It happens to me occasionally with the sudden realization "oh, that's why it was so quiet in here".

This idea is for a simple audio meter that would listen for conversation, and upon detecting none would turn on the radio to avoid long awkward silences. Of course it can be disabled for the weirdos who like to drive in silence.

DIYMatt, Sep 04 2010


       Interesting concept. I've had this happen to me and I kind of felt stupid. +
blissmiss, Sep 04 2010

       and what is so wrong with silence?
senatorjam, Sep 04 2010

       [ ] driving with somebody who likes to sing along would be somewhat of a chore.
FlyingToaster, Sep 04 2010

       Howabout one that sniffs for the aroma of a teen in the car, and automatically tunes the radio to the worst possible music and cranks up the volume?
baconbrain, Sep 04 2010

       Can't you just listen to the Voices In Your Head ?
8th of 7, Sep 04 2010

       ffs - Shirley it is one's choice to listen to some choons or not. I don't see why the default position of a radio should be 'BLARING!'
Get a backbone and control your stereo!!
gnomethang, Sep 04 2010

       Baked - or at least the technology exists. Radio stations have standby systems that kick in after a predefined period of "dead air".   

       I feel sorry for the artist whose track is chosen as the 'dead air' track, since it gets no radio airtime unless there's some technical disaster. Upon hearing the track station staff jump into action to fix whatever went wrong.
Tulaine, Sep 04 2010

       At the radio station where I used to work, we had an unfortunate moment when the 'dead air' detector kicked in an started the automatic dead air tape.   

       The problem - and the tape - was based at the transmitter site on a hill about twenty minutes from the radio station. It wasn't until the tapekicked in that we realiesd that it contained some long-defunct jingles, some ancient tunes, and a DJ who had been fired the previous week. The local paper ran a story about his triumphant return onto the airwaves. Embarassing.   

       I have also enjoyed blissfully quiet moments on air before realising that it's quiet because I'm the idiot who has forgotten to play the next song. I think sometimes the soul subconsciously screams out for a bit of peace and quiet. A bit of unplanned hush is probably a good thing in today's maddeningly cacophonous world.
Fishrat, Sep 05 2010

       Hear hear.   

       .............................. .............................. .............................. ..............................
pertinax, Sep 07 2010

       //Interesting concept. I've had this happen to me and I kind of felt stupid. +// Not as stupid as when I have grown so accustomed to the radio sound that I stop noticing it, and I reach over to turn on the radio and find out that it's already on!
phundug, Sep 08 2010

       Have a bun, from one of those //weirdos who like to drive in silence.//.
MikeD, Sep 08 2010


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