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mobile entertainment sharing system

new dimensions in the interactive experience of sharing a roadway.
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Listen to what other drivers are listening to and/or let them listen to what you are tuned to.

An occupant of a vehicle in motion can push a button on their radio and share their AM/FM tuner

with other motorist via a short range wi-fi network.

It would transmit, and receive, a signal that would identify what radio frequency you are tuned to and allow auto scanning of other users .

It should also have automatic and manual volume options to afford more flexibility to the effect.

Actual audio and video, not protected by copyright laws, could be legally shared also, but for now I'll stick to

the radio function.

When a motorist turns this on it would automatically look for a

signal, and lock your radio into the

same channel as the nearest MESS motorist.

You could opt to stay on 360 degree search mode, limit directional scan or block selected users.

You could set it to receive only, transmit only, or receive and transmit.

In full mode (default) a chain of drivers could be locked on to each other and also see how many were in the group.

It could be promoted with

billboards that display readings from the most recent passers-by and any user could change that info if they choose.

-I'm sure a boatload of attorneys would try to all get on board and it'll be a few years down the road.

*No, I don't think it should ever be mandatory. ;-)

oyea6, Jun 05 2010

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       I won't MESS with you if you don't MESS with me.
oyea6, Jun 06 2010

       already existing somewhere on the HB.
FlyingToaster, Jun 06 2010


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