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One way radio acoustic coupler

Car radio as one way acoustic coupler to feed web pages or files
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As long as there is a medium to carry sound such as radio, digital information, such as web page can be modulated inside this carrier even though it might take 300 bps or less. Everybody knows that using acoustic coupler ,such as POCKETMAIL, to access email is tedious and slow. Doesnt this however sound like being stuck at traffic jam. People in this car situation suddenly have great deal of patience to wait for web pages to download. Broadcasted information will however be one way. What if you are on a business trip in the middle of the road in nowhere that only AM/FM radio signal can reach and need your colleague to upload you some business proposal? You call up your colleague to make a file request to the DJ. The file is broadcasted by AM/FM radio but it is encrypted so only you can open. If the DJ grants the request, then you wait for your turn to "pickup" the file in the air through your radio modem. It will be tedious and slow but so is the traffic.
cocobk, Apr 16 2004


       Or just spend the money that you would use to buy a new radio that can "download" files and buy a wireless modem for you laptop. Now you have faster, two-way browsing and file download capability.
GenYus, Apr 16 2004

       Or, better yet, concentrate on driving and fuck with your e-mail when you get home. (Yeah, I got rear-ended yesterday by some asshole watching an in-dash TV)
Mr Burns, Apr 16 2004

       Something like that exists in software, its called dream, you can have digital sound from AM/FM or slide show files. http://www.drm.org/ FREE alt. software exists;
jmknash, Feb 12 2006

       It would be nice if we lived in a society where the owners of the airwaves might experiment with ideas such as this - instead all we get is right wing talk and lame pop music. Of course there is satelite radio...
aredant, Feb 14 2006


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