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Inventor of the week - HB

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On opening page of HB, there should be place where name of inventor of the week will placed. This will help in encouragement for new ideas.
VJW, Dec 19 2010

Inventor of the 5 minutes http://www.halfbake...om/random-idea.html
VJW may not be aware that the HB has a function very similar to what is proposed here. Click this link to see a featured halfbaker and scheme of the five minutes! [bungston, Dec 20 2010]


       Ok.. I'd like to hereby nominate myself.
VJW, Dec 19 2010

       //This will help in encouragement for new ideas.//   

       What makes you think so?
Jinbish, Dec 19 2010

       This idea was hit with success at walmart.
VJW, Dec 19 2010

       Walmart has an "inventor of the week"?
Jinbish, Dec 19 2010

       no, they have a "weak inventory".
FlyingToaster, Dec 19 2010

       //no, they have a "weak inventory"// Oh, I understand, now. This idea, together with the first anno, is cleverer than I thought.
mouseposture, Dec 19 2010

       I was referring to employee of the month concept in wallmart.
VJW, Dec 19 2010

       All these aspects can be manipulated. May be we can let [Jutta] or a designated team decide.
VJW, Dec 19 2010

       Along with displaying the name, may be we can display a photo (real or cartoonized) if person agrees.
VJW, Dec 19 2010

       I thought you meant something like the KMart "Blue Light Special," aimed at promoting a product that was over- supplied and wasn't selling well. In that case, the award would be based on a formula something like this:   

       F(ideas posted per week) - G(median total votes (positive and negative) per idea)   

       With suitable weighting functions F,G.   

       The award would go to someone who posted a large number of "meh" ideas. All ideas by the winner would be automatically "churned."
mouseposture, Dec 19 2010

       Maybe tag-line of the week? Just saw "Leaning Tower of Piezo", which is far surpassed by many others which never made it.
Ling, Dec 20 2010

       VJW - if you like, why don't you implement this yourself, you can trawl through the ideas each week and decide on the user you think has produced the best stuff, or made you laugh the most, or whatever, and create a website, or a blog, where you can post the name of that user, with a link to their ideas, or annotations or whatever, and tell everyone how great you think they are - with full editorial control, you can make it happen just the way you like. Post a link to your blog from here, and anyone who wants to will be able to read it all from there.
zen_tom, Dec 20 2010

       or use twitter.
po, Dec 20 2010

       ...which would allow us to say "VJW has twatted the inventor of the week"
hippo, Dec 20 2010

       [po], half Twitter?
Surely, that's a...
Dub, Dec 20 2010

       How about: "Inventor of the weak"?
xenzag, Dec 20 2010

       I would like to nominate [UnaBubba]...but he's not here this week.
xandram, Dec 20 2010

       The title "Inventor of the Week" is very tricky to assign.   

       The original 7-day week seems to back to about 5000 BC, and is lost in the mists of time. Other cultures have had (in some cases quite recently) weeks of between three and ten days, but in no case can I find out who invented these weeks.   

       Our reserve pastry-chef did briefly introduce an 8-day week, based on the household baking cycle and on the time it took his macaroons to become stale. Unfortunately, he was lost to us in a tragic spotted dick incident. His widow, however, might appreciate the "Inventor of the Week" certificate in his name.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 20 2010

       //time wasting ideas//   

       There's another kind?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 20 2010

       // great learning opportunity to do serious research into //

Well, a bit of cursory research at least.
DrBob, Dec 22 2010

       Sorry,but I'd dislike this as much as fishboner of the week.
skinflaps, Dec 22 2010


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