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It's 2022...

...do you know where your Halfbakers are?
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Not an idea, just stumbled on this, an exhaustive listing of Halfbakers, apparently to date despite having been made in 2004. 'Bakers both here and not, but for whom accounts still exist.

Just a relic from the past, scan, reflect and move on.

Yes, I'll delete it.

whatrock, Mar 08 2022

A bazillion and two. https://www.halfbak...:n=:i=:t=HB_20Users
[whatrock, Mar 08 2022]

[madradish] once proposed an hb map. I thought it was pretty cool. Halfbakers_27_20Homes
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 08 2022]


       wow. wonder where they all are now!
xandram, Mar 08 2022

       I think what you have there is a custom view, which is why it's staying up to date. a1 seems to be doing a lot of interesting things with them recently - if you have a question about something halfbakery-related, these are often the answer.   

       Um, this category (halfbakery:remembrance: halfbaker) is specifically for halfbakers who have died. So, while you don't have to delete it, would you move this elsewhere please?
Loris, Mar 08 2022

       Can do.
whatrock, Mar 08 2022

       Cool beans. Thanks, [a1]!
whatrock, Mar 08 2022

       There was once an hb push-pin world map for any that chose to reveal their locations.   

       It doesn't seem to exist anymore but I will post a [link] to an idea the map used to be linked to in case anybody wants to see it.   



       Well I'm doing it anyway.   

       I remember that!
21 Quest, Mar 08 2022

       2fries, I remember that map. UK was so crowded, blissy couldn't see me at the back.
po, Mar 08 2022

       I remember the map. And the Susan saga. And the pole pants brigade. And inglybinglydingly (where all the cool bakers hung out).
RayfordSteele, Mar 09 2022


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